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Arrow downHow many kilometres can I drive on a fully charged battery?
Arrow downCan I get a subsidy for my electric car in Private Lease?
Arrow downIs a home recharging station included in my lease contract?
Arrow downDoes my electricity network at home have sufficient capacity for a home recharging system?
Arrow downI can't recharge at home. Are there alternatives?
Arrow downWhat is the action radius of an electric vehicle?
Arrow downWhat do I need to charge my electric vehicle?
Arrow downWhere can I use my charging card?
Arrow downWhich electric vehicles are/are not compatible with fast-chargers?
Arrow downWhat does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?
Arrow downCan I be electrocuted in the event of a collision?
Arrow downWhat is the difference between a fast-charger and a standard recharger?
Arrow downDo I need to adjust my fire insurance if I install a home recharging station?
Arrow downHow long will it take to charge my vehicle?
Arrow downHow do recharging stations work?
Arrow downCan other individuals use my home recharging station? Is it secured?
Arrow downDoes an electric vehicle require different maintenance than a vehicle with petrol or diesel?
Arrow downDo I need to return the home recharging station at the end of my lease?
Arrow downWhich types of chargers can I use?
Arrow downCan weather conditions affect my action radius?
Arrow downWhere can I charge my vehicle abroad?
Arrow downWhere can I order a charging pass?

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