Refuelling and charging with one card?

The world of mobility is changing quickly, and the transition towards emission-free fleets is the new reality, now more than ever. In the years to come, our fleets will no longer only consist of petrol and diesel vehicles, with hybrid and electric cars coming on board faster than expected. The fuel landscape is changing, and LeasePlan offers the right solutions for hassle-free fuel management and allows your drivers to fill up – and charge – their vehicles with ease.

Choose the energy card that best suits your company

Would you like the comfort of an extensive network? Or would you like the benefits of a large network combined with a competitive price? We're sure to have a future-proof solution that suits your company:

Network Fleet Card (NFC)

Network Fleet Card (NFC)

You can also download the NFC app in the App Store or Google Play to make sure you always have the network of fuel stations you can use with the NFC card at your fingertips.



Do you prefer the hybrid version of the NFC card? Opting for the hybrid NFC card will give you access to the largest network of public charging stations in Belgium and Europe, with 25,000 in Belgium and more than 300,000 in 35 European countries!

Why get an energy card with LeasePlan?

You will always get the best price Enjoy a guaranteed discount every time you refuel, according to the 'best of two' principle: when the price at the pump is lower than the official daily rate (including the discount), you pay the price at the pump.Let us take care of the administrative burden LeasePlan's fuel card is an integral part of your lease contract. This means that refuelling is handled directly and processed automatically, and you can say goodbye to having to submit receipts. You only have to pay a monthly fuel charge. We calculate this fuel charge on the basis of the car's consumption, the fuel price and the estimated mileage. The fuel charge is part of your monthly bill, and will be settled based on the actual fuel charges incurred at the end of your lease contract. This greatly simplifies the administrative and tax processing of fuel costs. You stay in control of your fuel costs If you want to keep an eye on things, the My Fleet online tool gives you a clear overview of your refuelling statements at all times as well as the most recent odometer readings. In just a few clicks, you can view the average fuel consumption and check which driver has refuelled where, how much and how often. This allows you to make timely adjustments.Online service If you lose your fuel card or the driver wishes to request a new PIN, you can easily arrange this yourself through the My LeasePlan online portal.
Is an energy card linked to your lease contract as a matter of course?

Is an energy card linked to your lease contract as a matter of course?

No. Leasing a car with LeasePlan and having an energy card are two separate things.

Don't need a lease, but want an energy card? Are you interested in an energy card for company cars that you don't lease? LeasePlan can take care of that for you with a fuel card that offers the same benefits as those described above. An important advantage is that your discount is calculated on the total volume you purchase. The more you refuel, the higher your discount!

Interested in a lease, without an energy card? If you want to keep your energy card separate from your vehicle, that's possible, too. It will involve a little more work, however. Each time you refuel and put it through as expenses, you will have to indicate which car was refuelled in order to substantiate the deductibility.

Understanding your energy card

You've received an energy card from LeasePlan. The icons on the card indicate where it can be used.

1 - Network where the card can be used to refuel ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_shell.png) You can use your card at all Shell petrol stations. ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_shell.png)![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_swirl.png) You can use your card at all Shell and DATS24 petrol stations. ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_nfc.png)![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_swirl.png) You can use your card at all Shell, Total Energies, DATS24 and  Q8 petrol stations.2 - Region where the card can be used ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_valid.png) You can only use your card in Belgium. ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_valid_eu.png) You can use your card in all countries in the European Union.3 - Network where the card can be used to charge your vehicle ![](/-/media/leaseplan-digital/be/publicpages/fuel/fuel_assets/labels_charge.png) You have a combination card that can be used to charge – as well as refuel – your (PH)EV. Take a look at the Shell Recharge app (available to download in the App Store and Google Play) for the latest network information. You will also find a QR code on the back of your card. Scan this code using the Shell Recharge app to activate your card in the app. You will then be able to use the app to see an overview of all your public charging sessions and initiate charging sessions if you don't have your card (only on charging stations featuring the latest technology).
How can I use my energy card?

How can I use my energy card?

How you use the energy card to pay for fuel or charging sessions depends on the method used:

Filling up with fuel

Charging electric vehicles

How can I register my charge card?

You can use the Shell Recharge app to find all public charging stations in no time, as well as real-time information about availability and prices.

How can I register my charge card in the Shell Recharge app?

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Together with your charge card, the Shell Recharge app offers the following benefits:


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