Discover the perfect EV for you

Finding an EV to fit your priorities is easier than you think.

Driving an electric car can be an exciting, values-driven, money (and planet)- saving adventure. But when it comes to choosing the perfect EV for your needs, it can all get a bit confusing. More than make, and model, you’ve got a lot to consider — a myriad of options designed to accommodate different lifestyles.

Lucky for you we’ve got just the solution! Our easy, electric car match-making survey will help you determine the perfect EV for you! Just input your data by answering a few questions so we know what you value most. Then submit with a click and we’ll provide you with personalised advice on the perfect electric vehicle for you.

Have you ever considered driving electric?
What would convince you to drive electric?
What is the maximum monthly budget that you would like to spend on an electric company vehicle?
How often do you exceed 100 kms in a day?
What is your preferred car type ?

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