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Accidents & damage

Do you need some help?

If you’re involved in an accident or breakdown, your safety is our top priority. Use the information below to get the help you need, fast.

Need roadside assistance?
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How to proceed if you're in an accident in a leased car?

  1. Safety first

    First of all, make sure you're safe. Contact the police and/or medical services if there are any injuries.

  2. Fill in the necessary documents

    Are you involved in an accident? Then fill in a European collision form. You will find this with your on-board documents. Do you disagree with the other party? Don't sign the collision form and call the police.

  3. Take pictures

    Take pictures of the other vehicle involved in the accident, including the licence plate. On this page you can find photo tips for assessing damage.

  4. Report the accident using My LeasePlan

    Report the accident easily and quickly via My LeasePlan. Even if it concerns an accident without a counterparty.

    1.Don't lose time to have the damage assessed by the repairer? If so, provide us with detailed photos in accordance with these guidelines. 2.Upload the necessary documents (such as the collision form or PV). 3.Don't forget to indicate in which region you want to be helped. 4.LeasePlan will provide you with the contact details of the most suitable repairer so that you can agree where and when your vehicle will be picked up and returned.

    Want to know more about My LeasePlan? Download the My LeasePlan manual.

Break-ins and theft

For theft or damage due to a break-in, first file a report with the police:

In case of theft, we ask you to call us. Damage can be reported via My LeasePlan. If you're not insured with LeasePlan, please inform your insurance company as well.


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