Accidents & damage

The help you need, no matter where you are

If you’re involved in an accident or breakdown, your safety is our top priority. Use the information below to get the help you need, fast.

Depending on the option selected by your company, LeasePlan Assistance can offer you help at home and / or abroad in the following cases:

  • Vehicle is immobilised as a result of breakdown, accident, fire, vandalism, burglary
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Theft of the licence plate

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LeasePlan Driver Services: +32 78 150 600 or +32 2 722 60 00

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Always have the following at hand:

  • Licence plate number

  • Exact description of the location of the breakdown

  • Description of the problem

  • Telephone number where you can be reached

Accidents involving another vehicle

  1. Complete a European Accident Statement

    You can find your European Accident Statement in your glove compartment

  2. Take a picture

    Take a picture of the other vehicle involved in the accident, including the licence plate. On this page you can find photo tips for assessing damage.

  3. Report the accident using My LeasePlan

    Log in to My LeasePlan

Accidents not involving another vehicle

  1. Send us an email with the following details:

    Your licence plate number; date, time and location of accident; and short description of what happened

  2. Report the accident using MyLeasePlan

    Log in to My LeasePlan


Call LeasePlan Driver Services: +32 78 150 600 or +32 2 722 60 00

We’re available 24/7

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Break-ins and theft

For theft or damage due to a break-in, first file a report with the police:

Next, alert LeasePlan: by phone or via My LeasePlan. If you're not insured with LeasePlan, please inform your insurance company as well.

Accident or damage?

Have damage that doesn’t need immediate attention? Always report damage to LeasePlan: by phone or via My LeasePlan. Then find a local service centre and schedule repairs. Or book repairs via My LeasePlan.

If your LP car has been damaged, you can report this right away to our Driver Services department at 078-150 600.

While you’re on the line, one of our employees immediately opens your personal claim file.
We request that you subsequently also confirm the facts in writing and/or send us the declaration form at e-mail address

This will then be added to your claim file.

Our claim managers handle your file within 24 hours and let you know the repairer with whom you can make an appointment.

Based on clear photos taken by you, LeasePlan will always propose a repairer from our own approved repair network for you.
What is a clear photo? On this page you can find photo tips for assessing damage.

Any additional questions? We’re here to help!

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