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All aspects of mobility are changing fast. The mobility budget, mobility solutions through flexible pay, the mobility card and the rise of bike leasing are just a few examples.


Mobility budget

As an employer, you have been able to offer your employees a mobility budget since March 2019. A mobility budget allows employees to use options other than their company car under certain conditions. Unlike the mobility allowance, which offers employees a net amount, the mobility budget gives employees the chance to choose (a combination of) various options: an environmentally friendly car, sustainable alternatives or a cash amount.

Mobility solutions through flexible renumeration


Holiday Car. No recharging worries during car holidays.

It's perfectly feasible to travel abroad in an electric car with some planning. For those who want to prepare for their next road trip with no hassle, we now offer them peace of mind with our new service: The Holiday Car.


A company car as part of a cafeteria plan

Flexible company remuneration policies are becoming increasingly popular. Employees need flexibility, and employers want to attract and retain the best employees. A cafeteria plan allows employees to put together part of their pay package themselves just like customers at a self-service cafeteria would choose their own meals.

A well-considered cafeteria plan creates a win-win situation for both parties: the employer's costs remain the same, and employees can opt for a salary component that meets their current needs. If you want to reward your employees with more freedom of choice and the option of a company car, contact us now to find out which car leasing solutions are possible.

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The mobility card. One card for all your mobility needs

LeasePlan believes that people should be free to choose how they travel at any time. Even company car users may find it easier to use other means of transport in certain circumstances. The LeasePlan Mobility Card gives employees the option to use the train, bus, tram, metro or a bicycle-sharing system, in combination with their company car if they so wish. Find out more about our Mobility Card.


Bike leasing. Get to and from work the easy way

Employees can choose to spend part of their gross budget on leasing a bicycle for their commute. A company bike offers tax benefits and an interesting gross-net ratio. This offers an advantage of up to 40% compared to a private purchase in a shop.

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