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Did you know you could also lease vehicles in a cafetaria plan? Discover how we did this for BASF.

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car lease in a cafeteria plan

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A cafeteria plan: how does it work?

A cafeteria plan is nice way to optimize wages and to ensure that people gain more at the end of the day. It also allows you to offer more employees the opportunity to choose a vehicle. Even people who are currently not eligible for a company car can include car lease in their salary package. A cafeteria plan is also a cost-effective solution for a smooth transition to an electric fleet.

If you want to switch to a cafeteria plan, you need to make part of the salary flexible. For example, part of the gross salary or the end-of-year bonus. In exchange, the employee can choose from benefits such as extra holidays, pension savings... Or a new vehicle, of course!

A win-win for everyone!

Both employers and employees have much to gain from car lease in a cafeteria plan.

Employer benefits:

Employee benefits:

Buying private vehicle vs leasing in cafeteria plan

Extra costs significantly increase the price tag of a vehicle. Leasing a vehicle means that you never have to worry about unexpected costs. Moreover, you 'pay' for the car with your gross salary.

In the table below, you see how much Eva pays for a private vehicle and how much she saves by leasing a (more expensive) vehicle in a cafeteria plan. We assume a situation where employees are responsible for their own fuel and/or electricity costs.

Eva buys

- Ford Kuga
- 20 000 km/year
- Purchased new (incl. VAT): €42 000 / Sold after 5 years: €17 000

  • Depreciation: €5000/year
  • Breakdown assistance: €140/year
  • Road tax + vehicle registration tax: €350/year
  • Annual maintenance: €650/year
  • Tires (4 tires in 5 yrs time): €205/year
  • Set of winter tires: €195/year
  • Insurance (full omnium): €1200/year
  • Unexpected costs: €100/year
  • Total cost: €7840/year
  • Total cost: €653/month

Eva leases

- Tesla Model Y
- EV
- 20 000 km/year
- List price (incl. VAT): €50 000

  • Gross salary impact: €707/month
  • Gross impact BIK: €142/month
  • Road tax + vehicle registration tax: included
  • Net impact salary: €354/month
  • Net impact BIK: €71/month
  • Set of winter tires: included
  • Insurance (full omnium): included
  • Unexpected costs: included
  • Total cost: €5094/year
  • Total cost: €425/month

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