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Are you a Happy Charger?

Master your charging etiquette

Happy Charger Community

Happy Charger Community

Driving an electric vehicle is great, because it saves money and benefits the air quality in your environment.

And LeasePlan takes things one step further to make the world a better place. With the Happy Charger community. This large group of EV drivers are masters of charging etiquette, and they show it with their Happy Charger charging station disc.

Display your Happy Charger charging station disc

Display your Happy Charger charging station disc

Let others know you are a Happy Charger. LeasePlan has developed this convenient Happy Charger charging station disc to help you.

**It works just like a parking disc: **

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How to become a Happy Charger

You don't need to register anywhere to become a Happy Charger, you just need to live it.

If you follow these ten tips, you'll automatically become part of our Happy Charger community. And you'll make the lives of all EV drivers so much more enjoyable!

  1. Only use a charging point if you really need to charge your car

    not if you just need a parking space. Once your car is sufficiently charged, move it to a normal parking space.

  2. Keep track of the time.

    At the start of each charging session, check how long it will take and make sure you're back to move your car on time.

  3. Do not charge the battery to 100% if you don't really need to.

    The last 20% takes as long as the first 80%, especially at a fast charger.

  4. Be prepared.

    Use apps to check if a charging point is available or in use.

  5. Do not disturb any other charging station users.

    Park your vehicle correctly so that your charging cable is not in the way of other users, for example.

  6. Be polite.

    Do not disconnect EV cars belonging to other drivers at public charging points unless it is indicated you can do so on a parking disc or magnet.

  7. Observe the local charging guidelines.

    For example, if you're only allowed to charge for 2 hours, do not overstay your welcome.

  8. Do not use charging points for car sharing or other services

    such as E-taxi stations. You may be fined for doing this in many cities and towns.

  9. Handle your local charging points with care.

    Report a faulty charging point in your app or to the charging point operator.

  10. Respect the traffic code.

    Do not park in the opposite direction of traffic to get your car's charging socket closer to the charging station.