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Enjoy carefree driving with Private Lease from LeasePlan

What is private lease?

Private lease is a carefree solution that gives you all the benefits and freedom to drive the brand-new vehicle of your choice. You choose the car of your dreams, the expected mileage and the duration of your contract and we guarantee convenience and service quality.

So, whether you want a spacious coupe or compact hatchback to go on road trips or just run errands, you can drive the perfect car for your lifestyle — stress-free! — with a private lease from LeasePlan. Insurance, maintenance, tyres, and repairs are all included in the price.

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How does Private Lease work?

    1. Choose your car

    Choose a car that best suits your lifestyle from the most popular vehicles on the market. You decide how long you want to lease the car and how many kilometres you require.

    2. Submit your documents

    Leasing a car is simple, but we need to check your credit rating before we can issue a contract. We request that you provide us with certain documents so that we may approve your application as quickly as possible.

    3. Your lease contract

    Once your request has been approved, we’ll send you a lease contract to sign. The monthly fee is deducted from your account via direct debit.

    4. Pick up your new car and have a safe journey

    We’ll do our best to ensure you receive your car quickly. If you have any questions or need advice, you can get in touch with us at any time. Once your lease period is up, simply return the car to us and pick out a new one.

What is included in a private lease deal?

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Private Lease

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