ALD Move.

The flexible mobility solution for all your employees

The ALD Move solution: Simplify the management of your mobility expenses and offer alternative mobility solutions to your employees.

ALD Move centralises mobility solutions for your company and your employees on one platform and has developed two tailor-made solutions to optimise and monitor your mobility:

Manage mobility: employer

Management platform

Mobility use: employees

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Payment card (debit card)

Choose from two options:

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Federal mobility budget: for employees entitled to a company car

With ALD Move you can manage the mobility expenses for the three pillars with one tool. You are immediately in line with the legislation and with your mobility policy.

Commuting: the flexible solution for all your employees

ALD Move offers several flexible mobility solutions to your employees. And at the same time you're optimising the management of your mobility.

Do your employees come to the office three days a week? Then you only pay for those three travel days: no more expensive public transport passes that are only used three days out of five.

ALD Move: how it works

ALD Move in a nutshell

Interested in ALD Move? Choose the mobility approach of the future.

You can count on the help of an experienced ALD Automotive specialist to implement ALD Move in your company and support your employees.