Your Lease, Your Plan

Choose how long you lease for

Depending on your preference, our cars have lease terms of 36, 48, 60 or 72 months. This flexibility is not only nice for your employees, your organization can also switch more efficiently thanks to a tailored strategy. For example, in the context of an accelerated switch to a green fleet. At LeasePlan, we have something for everyone.

A short lease term?

The most common terms for a lease are 48 and 60 months. Would you like a little more flexibility for your employees and your fleet? Then a 36-month lease term is worth considering.

Some benefits:

Or would you rather lease a little longer?

The longest possible lease term is 72 months. This can be interesting if your organization is looking for the most cost-effective leasing solution.

Some benefits:

Discover your ideal lease term

Depending on your situation, short and long lease terms both offer benefits. Or maybe the ideal solution for your employees and/or fleet is somewhere in the middle? In this blog, we list the important arguments and help you discover the optimal leasing formula.

Find a customized model and lease term!