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Imagine ... You are attending a wedding party with your partner on Saturday night. Because you had a few drinks, your partner is driving home in your leased car. Then she loses control of the car and the vehicle crashes into the motorway guardrail. Your car is ready for the scrap heap – and what is worse, your partner is seriously hurt. 

Unfortunately, your hensive insurance does not cover this type of accident. Fortunately, you can count on the LeasePlan driver insurance in this case. LeasePlan offers insurance to your drivers from €2.60 per month.

What is driver insurance?

Driver insurance is additional insurance that complements third-party insurance from €2.60 per month.

If one of your car’s drivers causes an accident in which he or she gets injured, driver insurance will always reimburse:

  • the physical damage at the time
  • the physical consequences until 3 years after the accident
  • death benefit

3 good reasons for taking out driver insurance

  1. Security

    Even if the driver is at fault, he or she has optimal protection.

  2. Inexpensive

    You can insure your drivers from only €2.60 per month.

  3. Fully protected

    Not liable, but injured? If the other party’s insurance fails to make an immediate payment, our driver insurance will.



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