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LeasePlan has developed leasing services and tools to help you optimise fleet costs and risk, increase driver satisfaction, and help us all work toward a greener planet. From fleet maintenance services for your drivers to innovative data-driven solutions that manage your fleet’s efficiency – what’s next for your fleet?

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Public Sector. Keeping you mobile

We understand the issues you face.
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  • Keeping universities, healthcare providers, local authorities and charities on the move. Across Europe.
  • Aware of your funding challenges. Helping you save money.
  • Minimising impact on the environment. Together.
  • Offering a wide range of vehicles. For you. Your employees. Your customers.
  • Always thinking of what’s next for you.
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What's next?

We are always thinking of what’s next. For the future. For cars. Technology. And mobility.

So what’s next for Fleet Management?
Have a read of how to reduce fleet emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

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Fleet management

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