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Insights and advice

on creating an optimal fleet strategy

Today, managing your fleet and driver mobility is more complex than ever before. Balancing costs, ensuring driver comfort and environmental questions are at the heart of the matter. LeasePlan Consultancy Services is a specialised service offering tactical and strategic advice regarding your fleet and the mobility of your drivers.

A clear fleet policy

The mobility landscape is changing fast – with low emissions zones in cities, the transition to electric vehicles, and employees' changing needs to name but a few. Good arrangements can offer some stability in uncertain times. It is now more crucial than ever to have an up-to-date car policy, keep your fleet costs under control and offer your staff clarity. The Car Policy Configurator and your LeasePlan account manager can help you draw up a car policy that meets your needs within one hour. And if your policy requires a more specific approach, customised options are available from our Consultancy team, too.

Stay up to date with the latest developments

As a fleet manager, you need to keep your finger on the pulse to get the latest on fleet management as things are constantly changing (think of taxation, for example). In order to keep clients informed of important information and changes in the world of fleet management, LeasePlan organises regular information sessions in the form of webinars and more. In these sessions, our Consultancy team sheds light on recent updates on taxation, total cost of ownership (TCO), WLTP, car policies, the transition to electric and more. Our team will keep you up to date and you can make sure your fleet policy is in line with the market and tailored to your company targets.

Consultancy projects

Our team of consultants has a wealth of experience across a wide range of clients. Each question from our clients is different, and the right answer is often a nuanced one. Our consultancy team will sit down with you to work on specific projects and map out any additional costs using a database of general studies, questions, solutions and more as the foundation.

Consultancy Services

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