Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a socially responsible company, LeasePlan designed and launched a suite of corporate responsibility programs focusing on the child, the society and the environment.


EV100 initiative

EV100 is a global business initiative that aims to accelerate the introduction of EVs and the necessary infrastructure. The initiative was founded during the Climate Week by The Climate Group in New York, together with business and government leaders.

EV100 is the only initiative of its kind that encourages companies around the world to switch to electric driving. The members commit to stop driving gasoline and diesel cars on the road by 2030 and only use electric vehicles. LeasePlan is one of the ten founding partners of EV100.


Brussels City Climate Challenge 303030

LeasePlan Belgium is one of the proud partners of the City Climate Challenge 303030 initiative. The name 303030 refers to the three challenges to which it is committed: reducing CO2 emissions in the Brussels-Capital Region by 30% by 2030 through 30 unprecedented projects.



Being a socially responsible company, LeasePlan launched a corporate initiative named LeasePlan ChildPlan aiming to support underprivileged children in developing countries. The LeasePlan ChildPlan programme is a global initiative of LeasePlan.

In November 2006, we started implementing this initiative in cooperation with the Dutch nonprofit organization Net4kids. Since then, LeasePlan has developed the program globally and takes many initiatives in each country to continue to support this goal and effort.It is worth mentioning that the ChildPlan programme has been growing rapidly and successfully, thanks to the dedication, creativity and support of the company's human resources world-wide.



Being a socially responsible company, over the last years LeasePlan has contributed to the reduction of environmental pollution by implementing its global GreenPlan initiative. The LeasePlan GreenPlan service was designed and supports the efforts of companies and drivers who wish to have “greener” corporate fleets and reduce the release of emissions into the atmosphere.


SafePlan - Everyone counts!

SafePlan is a program designed to support companies in reducing the number of accidents and associated cost. This is achieved by: • Enabling your drivers to further develop their own driving skills. • Encouraging your drivers to behave more responsibly in traffic. • Monitoring and reporting of driver behaviour improvements. • Damage prevention plan. • Optimise your Car Policy for Driver Safety.