Tires are a very important part of your car and should therefore always be in perfect condition.

Summer tires (standard)

Legally, tyres with a residual tread of 1.6 mm must be replaced. You can do this at the following tyre specialists affiliated with LeasePlan: QTeam, Eurotyre and Profile Tyrecenter.

The tyre centre will take care of the approval and LeasePlan will take care of the payment of the invoice.

List of tyre centres

Winter tyres

If winter tyres are included in your contract, you can have them fitted from 1 October. We advise you to have them fitted on time. At the first real cold or the first snowflake, the requests flood in so massively that there are usually long waiting times.

Why choose winter tyres?

  • The changing condition of the road surface: dry road, rain, wet road, deep puddles of water, fresh snow, black ice, ice that has come loose, frozen snow, etc...
  • The lower temperatures (below 7°C) which make the rubber of summer tyres much less efficient on winter roads.
  • Safety: more grip on dry and wet roads at low temperatures, more grip on snow and ice, shorter braking distances.

Ps: do you use the LeasePlan Tyre Planning Service? If so, when you order your new car, you have chosen that LeasePlan will automatically reserve the winter tyres for your car and deliver them to the tyre centre of your choice. These are the Tyre Planning Partners.

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