Winter tyres

When and where can my winter tyres be fitted?

If snow tyres are included in your contract, you can have them fitted as of 1 October. We advise you to do this as soon as possible. After all, the first cold spell or snowfall can result in a surge in demand and increased waiting periods.

So don't delay - contact one of the LeasePlan preferred tyre partners.

Why winter tyres?

  • The changing state of the road: dry, rain, wet, deep ponds, fresh snow, black ice, ice driven loose, frozen snow, etc…
  • As a result of the lower temperatures (under the 7°C) the rubber of summer links is less efficient on wintry ways.
  • Security: more grip on dry and wet roads at low temperatures,more grip on snow and ice, shorter braking distance

LeasePlan Tyre Planning Service

To ensure the delivery of winter tyres, LeasePlan has developed the “Tyre Planning service”.
This service gives you a maximum guarantee that the correct winter tyres will be delivered at the right time at the right fitter, thereby optimizing the service quality and making it easier to leaseplan.

Tyre Planning Partners

Summer tyres

Legally, tyres have to be replaced when the tread is reduced to 1.6 mm. You can do this with the following tyre specialists, which are associated with LeasePlan:

The tyre centre takes care of approvals and LeasePlan takes care of the invoice.
You can download the list of tyre centres or get in touch with LeasePlan Driver Services on 078-150 600.