Buy your car after leasing at the best price!*

End of contract, but not the end of the story

A good lease car is one to hold on to. Which is why we are offering you as the driver the opportunity to buy your car at a particularly attractive price once the lease contract is over. Find out why it makes sense to buy your own lease car. 

All the benefits at a glance

  • The price you pay is even lower than if you buy your car through CarNext
  • You’re the person who knows the features and benefits of your own lease car best
  • You know the current status of your car
  • You know that the car has always been serviced by authorised dealers
  • You benefit from a 1-year warranty (option of 2 years)
  • Possible damage at the end of your lease contract won't be charged

*There are two important conditions: (1) There may not be more than 180,000 km on the odometer of your car at the time you purchase it after the lease. Cars with more kilometres can only be sold to companies with a VAT number and a European address. (2) Are you driving a Private Lease car? Unfortunately it is not possible to purchase your Private Lease car. 


Make your lease car your own car.

If you are interested in buying your car, simply complete this form – obligation-free. We'll get back to you!

Attention: you can only submit a request if your car is no more than 4 months before the end of the lease contract. Otherwise, please contact your fleet manager, who will contact the LeasePlan contact person.