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Arrow downWhat does the insurance cover?

Arrow downWhat to do in case of a break-down, damage, break-in, or theft of the car?

Arrow downWhat is my deductible in case of damage or window repairs?

In the case of damage, you pay a deductible for each incidence. You will naturally pay less if the actual costs are lower than the set deductible. What if LeasePlan can claim the damage from another party? Then you will not have to pay the set deductible.

The mandatory deductible does not pertain to:
** **Window damage, damage caused by theft or theft attempts, fire, collisions with animals, natural disasters. In these cases (save for window damage) you will always be held to file a report with the local police.

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Arrow downI am going on a journey with my lease vehicle to a country that is not in the European Union, what now?