FlexiPlan - Rent a car quickly and easily at short notice

Are you a LeasePlan customer and do you want to rent a vehicle for your new colleague before they receive a lease car? Does one of your employees need a car while working on a specific project? Or does somebody need an alternative mobility solution at short notice due to an unforeseen situation?

FlexiPlan allows you to rent a car for a short term while enjoying the same level of services and terms as an operational lease car. The key advantage is that the periods of use are super flexible, as you can rent the car starting from a period of 1 day. You can also end the contract free of charge when you no longer need the vehicle. Insurance, maintenance, etc. are also included in the monthly rental price.

Your LeasePlan rental car is also added to your vehicle fleet with no additional effort involved. Your trusted contact partner will take care of everything. If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote, get in touch with our FlexiPlan department directly. FlexiPlan: worry-free rentals.

Please note that you can only use our FlexiPlan service if you are already a LeasePlan customer.

Why choose FlexiPlan?
Discover EV driving with FlexiPlan

Flexible renting Choose an EV with your next order with the same conditions as FlexiPlan. Just as easy, but extra ecological!

Fast charging We provide a charging card for you, just like a fuel card. With complete charging to the employer. So no more worries!

Full experience Enjoy the unique experience of driving electric without being tied down to a long-term contract. The perfect opportunity to enjoy it to the full!

Advantages experienced Fiscally attractive, quiet, acceleration and driving comfort. Both AC and DC charging, with an average cost of €3.8 to €4.8 / 100 km. A financial advantage for your company!

Clean, Store and Go

An employee leaves the company and you don't have a replacement yet. So there is temporarily one car too many in the fleet and you don't know where to park it ... and all the logistics surrounding it.

With 'Clean, Store and Go' we can help you with this.

We can:

A custom quote is possible (depending on the place of transport and duration of storage).

Would you like a tailor-made offer for 1 or more cars? Or just some more information about FlexiPlan? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.