Get in and out quickly with FlexiPlan

Car rental from 1 day to 23 months

New employees, freelancers, expats, replacement staff... You often have no idea how long they will stay on at your company, but they do require a company car, even it is only temporarily. Preferably, these cars are made available the next day with all the necessary options.

You sign a contract for 1 day to 23 months and we will apply the best rate for the rental period. The longer you rent, the lower your rate will be. Order today for delivery tomorrow!
Until now, you had a choice between car rental and operational leasing.

On closer inspection, both these options tend to be rather expensive. Car rental costs more than operational leasing, but if you want to terminate an operational lease before the end of the contract, a cancellation fee applies...

That is why we now offer FlexiPlan.

A car for every job and every budget

FlexiPlan is a flexible renting plan for expats, freelancers, project-related staff, replacement staff or simply new colleagues joining your company.If you want to lease one or more vehicles for your company, you can choose from different categories: from compact city cars to multi-purpose vehicles/vans. We have something for everyone.FlexiPlan offers carefree car rental. You will receive a car for the short term with virtually the same service as for an operational lease. Each FlexiPlan contract includes insurance, fine administration, maintenance, tyres, fuel (if desired)...You will have one LeasePlan contact responsible for the reservation, follow-up and reporting of your FlexiPlan vehicle(s) together with the rest of your fleet.

Why should you choose FlexiPlan?

  1. You can rent a car from 1 day up to 23 months.
  2. You choose the cheapest solution (if your renting period is unknown).
  3. You can choose from a wide range of vehicle categories with standard options, such as automatic transmission, air conditioning...
  4. If you order your car today, it will be outside your door tomorrow.
  5. You can cancel your contract any time, because you can pay per day, per week or per month until you inform us that you no longer need the car.
  6. No cancellation fee applies when you terminate your contract.

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