Citroën e-C4

Armchair comfort in a crossover
Crossover comfort with class

Crossover comfort with class

An inconvenient little virus has us spending much more time in our cars than ever, something Citroën has anticipated with the first in its new line-up of electric vehicles. With few rivals on the market, the ë-C4 comes with elegant new aesthetics and coupé-like crossover design belie its armchair-like comfort and smooth electric driving performance. The hatchback EV’s impressive range and the motor world’s equivalent of fast charging combine into an extraordinary package with some very reasonable leasing options.

Where design meets tech

Where design meets tech

The ë-C4 brings an SUV’s mass appeal to a muscular coupé and will appeal to design fans as well as to those who want electric driving without shouting about it. With its unmistakeably Citroën DNA, the ë-C4 also hints at the brand’s future design language in stylish front and rear lights. Under the panoramic sunroof, the EV has generous kneeroom for all passengers, soft but supportive seats, and a 380-litre boot. This is a tech-forward electric vehicle: an all-digital dashboard and infotainment set-up are complemented by up to 20 technologies and intuitive driving assistance systems, as well as six connectivity solutions.

Long range with quick charging

Long range with quick charging

Citroën’s ë-C4 has a range of 350km when fully charged, enough for a zero-emissions ride between Paris and Brussels and capacity left to find an EV charging station! Rather impressively, the 50kWh battery only takes 30 minutes to reach 80% when charged at 100kW, enough time to enjoy a quick coffee on the road. An 11kW home station allows the ë-C4 to reach full charge in five hours. In performance terms, the ë-C4 hits 100km in 9.7 seconds while the innovative suspension simply glides over bumps. An absence of vibrations, no gear changes and a cocoon-like environment add to the electric vehicle’s appeal.

Citroën ë-C4

Electric Range – 350 km (WLTP)
Real Range – 250 km
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h - 9.7 sec
Top Speed - 150 km/h
Seats - 5
Drivetrain – Front

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