Kia Niro

Kia Niro
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    Hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric

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    Powerful and streamlined design

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    Sustainability as leitmotif


Sleek design, durable materials

The second generation of Kia's popular Niro doesn't just make a statement with its design. It casts itself as a paragon of sustainable mobility in the compact crossover segment.

A dominant aesthetic feature of the bodywork is the contrasting C-pillar, which not only provides an attractive design accent but also performs a useful aerodynamic function. Indeed, the panel hides an 'aerodynamic tunnel' that guides air along the car's flanks to reduce drag. The Active Air Flap in the snout also does its bit: when the engine does not require cooling, it closes automatically to create a smoother airflow across the nose of the car.

Eco-friendly materials were used throughout the interior, which is packed with high-tech gadgets, for which Kia drew inspiration from nature. The headliner consists of 56 per cent recycled paper fibres, while the artificial leather seat cover is made of organic polyurethane (Bio PU), which contains wood pulp from eucalyptus trees.


Three shades of electric, driving power source

Every new Kia Niro is equipped with an electric motor. The Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid combine a fuel-efficient 105 kW 1.6 petrol engine with an e-motor powered by a 1.32 kWh and 11.1 kWh battery, respectively. The Plug-In Hybrid promises an electric driving range of 65 kilometres under WLTP conditions.

The Niro Electric has 64.8 kWh of energy in its super-efficient battery, which will get you as far as 460 kilometres. Thanks to the 11-kW on-board charger, six hours are enough to charge the battery. On a quick charger, you can continue your journey after 43 minutes with an 80 per cent state of charge.

Really useful is the Niro Electric's Vehicle-to-Device (V2D) function. It allows the battery to be used as a 3-kW power source for devices such as electric bicycles or camping equipment. The electric Niro can tow 750 kilos, incidentally, so nothing will stand in your way of setting off on an adventure.

Niro EV

  • Electric motor and battery64.8 kWh lithium-ion polymer
  • Power150 kW (204 pk)
  • Range (WLTP)460 km
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h7.8 s
  • TransmissionTwo-wheel drive
  • Top speed167 km/h
  • Seats5


  • Petrol Engine1.6 GDi PHEV 6DCT
  • Power62 kW
  • Max. range in electric mode (WLTP)65 km
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h9.6 s
  • DrivetrainTwo-wheel drive
  • Top speed168 km/h
  • Seats5

Niro HEV

  • Petrol Engine1.6 GDi HEV 6DCT
  • Power32 kW
  • Max. range in electric mode (WLTP)-
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h10.4 s
  • DrivetrainTwo-wheel drive
  • Top speed165 km/h
  • Seats5
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Kia Connect App

Install the app on your smartphone for seamless interaction with your Kia Niro: EV/PHEV battery status, fuel level, Find My Car, online voice recognition, door controls and plan your trip in advance via Send To Car.
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Modern signature rear

The car impresses, with both the front and rear. The sleek, contemporary rear bumper matches the front of the car thanks to its simple design. The vertical boomerang LED taillights and Heartbeat reflectors add a unique, stylish touch.
ImageSubtext_Kia Niro_Seat

Relaxion seat

When the car is stationary (during charging, for example), the front passenger can tilt the Relaxion seat to a resting position at the push of a button.
ImageSubtext_Kia Niro_Display


The driver display and the infotainment screen are each 10.25 inches in size and are seamlessly connected with one-another.
ImageSubtext_Kia Niro_Boot

Large boot

The boot of the all-new Niro EV can take 1,392 litres with the rear seats folded down. A handy 20-litre frunk adds extra storage potential.