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Whatever your business, you’ll always find the car that suits you perfectly at LeasePlan. Including electric cars! They’re quieter, easier to maintain and better for the environment. So there’s no need to feel guilty any more when you take the car out for a spin – plus you’ll be one of the first road-users to emphasise how important environmentally friendly driving is for the planet. Especially when Private Lease makes the switch so problem-free for you.


Less expensive than you’d think

Electric cars come with tax breaks and the electricity you use is a good deal less expensive than fossil fuels. Electric cars also require less maintenance, so you lose less time.

The subsidy that you receive in Flanders to buy or lease an electric is around €3500. Be aware that this subsidy only applies on EVs registered before December 31st 2019.

Electric cars consume an average of €4 per 100 kilometres, compared with €9 for diesel cars. Which means 150,000 kilometres of electric driving pleasures saves you a cool €7,500!

Solar panels
If you generate your own electricity, then you can drive using the free energy generated by the sun.


Greater driving enjoyment

As you can see, electric driving has many advantages. And many of those benefits simply make driving more fun and pleasurable.

With electric there’s no more roaring engine noise – plus you can have the full power of the electric motor whenever you want it. If your car is still recharging, you don’t lose any capacity with preheating or cooling. Plus you can use your smartphone to locate your car, as well as open or lock it.


You can recharge any time

With an electric car, filling up at the petrol station becomes a thing of the past. However, you will need to recharge your battery regularly. And you can do that when you're at home, at work or out on the road.

Power socket
You can recharge your electric car at home using an ordinary power socket. To be able to do this, you will need to fit a system that meets certain safety requirements. Recharging takes all night (approximately 20 kilometres for each hour of charging).

Recharging station
Using a recharging station you can recharge your electric car at home or at work up to seven times faster than with an ordinary power socket. And smart recharging stations 'know' when the cheapest time of the day is to recharge.

Public recharging terminals
Haven't had the opportunity to recharge at home or you need to recharge on the way to your destination? Then you can use one of more than 850 public recharging terminals located across the whole of Belgium.

Tips for extending your driving range

The distance you can cover in your fully charged electric car differs from model to model and depends on your driving style. Fortunately, there are plenty of recharging options.

Long journeys
If you’re going on holiday abroad, find out where the fast-chargers are located along your route at Make sure you have your recharging pass with you, because you can’t pay everywhere with Bancontact or credit cards. Activate roaming so that you can open your apps. And also remember to take a recharger with an ordinary power plug with you.

Driving style
Try to maintain a constant speed of between 100 and 110 km/h when you’re on the motorway. Better to take a tunnel than drive up a mountain pass. And try not to use the heating or air-conditioning too much. That way you’ll get the maximum number of kilometres out of your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most asked questions about electric driving.

For other questions and answers concerning this topic, take a look at our FAQ page.

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