Photo tips

for assessing damage

Damage to your car is always inconvenient. To get you back on the road as quickly as possible, we offer you the possibility of having the damage to your car assessed digitally. Based on clear photos taken by you, we can select a repairer for you who will come and pick up your damaged car, repair it and bring it back to you at the same location. This allows you to save time and to find yourself in a stronger legal position.

Instructions for taking photos


Photos of the damage to the lease car are the most important:

Good photos can make pre-assessment redundant. Follow our tips and take a look at the examplary pictures at the bottom of this page.

  • Take a maximum of 10 photos;
  • Use your finger or an arrow to indicate abnormalities (i.e. where the damage is);
  • Place a reference object (such as a banknote) next to the damage so that the assessor can estimate the size and extent of the damage;
  • Take general photos as well as detailed ones;
  • Take photos from different angles;
  • Watch out for any warnings on the dashboard (parking sensors, airbags, etc.)

Take photos of the location where the collision occurred

  • (If possible) We recommend taking overall photos of the location where the accident occurred (with any relevant road markings, traffic signs, etc.);
  • If the accident involves a collision with another vehicle, take photos of the damage to the other party, as well as shots of his/her insurance documents.


Detailed photo

General photo

Detailed photo (key as reference object)

Detailed photo


Too close