Electric vehicles in company fleets

The next step in sustainable mobility is electric cars

Using the LeasePlan All-in solution, it’s a step you can take quickly, efficiently and without getting tangled up in administrative fuss and bother. We select the electric cars that best suit the needs of your drivers and which offer good recharging options, both at home and at work. Invoicing is via a simple, clear, centralised billing system. You can also rely on our total support at any time, should you need it. Our aim: to achieve a 100% zero-emission fleet of vehicles by 2030.

The importance of having a 100% electric fleet

Electric cars have no direct CO2 emissions and so fit in perfectly with your company’s strategy on sustainability. They also drive your costs down, giving you the highest possible level of tax efficiency, as well as making appreciable savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Modern electric cars are also safer, because the engine is smaller and is located underneath the chassis, rather than at the front of the car.

All-in solution

Switching to electric requires you to make a few adjustments.

At LeasePlan we will guide you every step of the way so that you can enjoy the many benefits of going electric. With this in mind, we work with Bart Massin, our expert in electric mobility and founder of Stroohm. Our all-in solution is based along 3 main lines.

3 main lines

  1. You have an ever-increasing range of electric cars to choose from that fit in perfectly with the specific needs of drivers.

  2. Drivers can recharge their electric car at home, as well as at work and on the road. There are various options that enable you to do that, ranging from simply plugging your car in to recharge, to smart recharging.

  3. To ensure the continuity of your business, our broad-based consultancy service will assist and guide your company in making the transition:

    • We support you with implementing your strategic vision and introducing electric mobility by applying our best practices.
    • We organise workshops and training courses to prepare your company for driving electric.
    • Based on preliminary research, we make a selection of electric cars for you, complete with a budget calculation.
    • We provide support for your car policy so that it is adjusted to accommodate electric cars.
    • We examine the possible recharging solutions available at your premises.

LeasePlan EV100 initiative

LeasePlan is a founding partner of EV100, an international initiative of major players designed to make all car fleets electric by 2030. So it goes without saying that we set a good example ourselves. For that reason, we want all of our employees to have an electric car by 2021. That way we’ll be more than ready for sustainable mobility.

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