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Scheduling maintenance? You can do this quickly and easily via My LeasePlan

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Scheduling the maintenance of a company car often involves several steps (choosing a garage, making an appointment, etc.) and is not always easy. For both the driver who has to arrange everything and the fleet manager who has to check whether the maintenance has been carried out, it is a chore. LeasePlan therefore brings everything together in a handy tool. Via My LeasePlan, drivers easily arrange their appointments and all information can be found at a glance. In this blog you can read how the maintenance tool has significantly improved the fleet management of two of our clients.
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Lies Moens - Borealis

Borealis is a major chemical producer. In Belgium, the company has around 1,000 employees and a fleet of around 350 LeasePlan vehicles. Drivers were always allowed to schedule their maintenance entirely by themselves, but People & Culture Services Manager Lies Moens very often got questions about this. That is now a thing of the past thanks to LeasePlan's handy tool.

Sector: Chemicals LeasePlan fleet: +/- 350 vehicles

"Where can I find the list of garages I can visit? As a fleet coordinator, I had to answer this question regularly until recently. Thanks to the maintenance tool, our people can easily decide themselves where to have their vehicle serviced, then they enter three possible dates and are immediately shown all the information and options. For example, they can see if they can wait for their vehicle on site. For us, this is obviously a serious time saver."

"Everything you used to have to pass on or inquire on the phone, you now find in one central place. As a driver, you plan the maintenance entirely according to your own expectations. Moreover, the tool reduces the risk of missing the deadline for annual maintenance. The system automatically sends a reminder and allows you to make an appointment immediately."

"Usually you don't hear much feedback when something runs well, but in this case we have already received several compliments. People think the tool works excellently and saves them a lot of time."

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Patrick Carlier - Yara Yara specialises in fertilisers and also makes products such as AdBlue. In Belgium, the company has more than 500 employees spread across the Brussels office and the plant in Tertre, Hainaut. For Fleet manager Patrick Carlier, following up on the maintenance of the company vehicles was the biggest bottleneck. He is therefore over the moon about the tool.

Sector: Chemicals LeasePlan fleet: +/- 250 vehicles

"Our drivers have always been responsible for scheduling maintenance themselves, but communication with the garage was not always smooth. As a fleet manager, for instance, I couldn't see whether maintenance had been carried out or not. Therefore, we kept everything in an Excel sheet and sent employees an e-mail when we did not receive information from the garage. It even happened sometimes that people forgot to go for maintenance, even though it is of course mandatory."

"We also got regular questions from drivers. For example, because they didn't know how to contact the garage. Now that everything is managed in one platform, everyone can do everything themselves and, as fleet manager, I can perfectly monitor which vehicles have already gone to the garage for maintenance. That obviously saves everyone in the company a lot of time."

"Three reasons why we at Yara are fans of this solution? It's simple, it's much faster and everything is immediately clear. It's just a fantastic tool."

In short, the maintenance tool in My LeasePlan saves both fleet managers and drivers a lot of time. A garage appointment is scheduled in a few clicks, employees choose what suits them best from the available options and the fleet manager knows the status of the maintenance at any time. Want to know more? Find out all about it here!

Published at November 27, 2023
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November 27, 2023
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