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Taking four kids in an EV to Italy? It’s perfectly possible!

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Driving to the Alps with four children of different ages in the back seat of the car? It sounds like quite a challenge, but LeasePlan employee Hilde Verdoodt does it every year. This year was the first time she used an electric vehicle (EV) to take her large family to the mountains. Below you read how it went.
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During the Easter break, Hilde went with her partner and four children to Monterosa, the Italian ski resort just across the border from Switzerland. A 1,000-kilometer trip that she split into two during the outward journey. “We planned to spend the night near the border between France and Switzerland. That turned out to be a good idea as our trip was very relaxed and we felt refreshed when we arrived at our destination”, Hilde says. The journey home was made in a single trip. Spread over the entire journey, Hilde stopped 5 times. “Our EQV has a range of 350 kilometers. But with 6 passengers on board and a heavy trunk, we decided to stop every 200 kilometers. We were also driving at a normal speed of 120 to 130 kilometers per hour, which reduced the range a bit. In addition, I like to build in some margin for when we encounter a problem at a charging station.”

A 1,000-kilometer drive with four youngsters on board is a already a challenging endeavor. “But thanks to the equipment of the Mercedes EQV, this trip was also very pleasant for the children. For example, we were able to arrange the car to make the seats in the back face each other with a small table in the middle. Throughout the journey, the kids played games together and felt like they were sitting in a lounge. Even during the charging stops, they just stayed in the car.”


Setting off on a journey with an electric car seems like an adventure. Many people are put off by the limited driving range. But according to Hilde, traveling with an EV has many advantages. “You drive very smoothly and relaxed. Especially in the mountains, it is pleasant to drive an EV. Our destination did not have many charging options, but that was not even necessary, because when going downhill the battery is recharged thanks to regenerative breaking”, Hilde explains. “And what’s more, charging is very inexpensive, especially when compared to today’s high fuel prices.”

“At the end of the day, driving an EV is mostly relaxing. And the waiting times at the charging stations are not too bad. We only had to wait once as there usually was a free spot available. And when you go out to eat something, shop a bit or just enjoy the sun while charging, time flies. It’s great!”


3 tips from Hilde:

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Published at April 20, 2022
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April 20, 2022
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