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In 2024 you will enjoy 2 "motor show" events

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Spring is normally a time for car enthusiasts to look forward to the annual Motor Show. However, the Brussels Motor Show, as its official name is, will unfortunately not take place this year. But not to worry: instead, no fewer than two other vehicle fairs will be coming to Brussels this year: the Brussels Auto Show and the Automotive eMotion Summit!
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FEBIAC organises Automotive eMotion Summit

The former Brussels Motor Show was always organised by FEBIAC, but in 2024, this mobility organisation will instead organise the Automotive eMotion Summit: Shaping Policies & Fleet Innovations. This event will take place from 20 to 22 February at Brussels Airport's Skyhall. During this event, do not expect a traditional exhibition where you can take a look at different car brands. Rather, the Automotive eMotion Summit focuses on B2B and B2G (Business to Government), inspiring professional customers, media and political decision-makers about the future of the automotive sector. With this three-day event, FEBIAC aims to highlight technological developments, products and services and to engage in an open debate with politicians on sustainable mobility.

The Automotive eMotion Summit starts on Tuesday 20 February in the Skyhall of Brussels Airport with a day of keynotes, presentations and debates around the theme "Futureproof Automotive Industry". From Wednesday 21 February, exhibitors welcome the entire B2B world, including professional customers, fleet managers, representatives of SMEs and the self-employed.

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Brussels Auto Show for private car enthusiasts

Private individuals interested in everything the car sector has to offer can visit the Brussels Auto Show, the biggest car event in the Benelux. From 17 to 21 January, the event will take place in 5 palaces at Brussels Expo. On no less than 50,000 square metres, car enthusiasts can discover all sorts of things. The first Brussels Auto Show is organised by 402 Automotive and is not affiliated with FEBIAC, which previously organised the Motor Show.

From glitzy supercars to classic youngtimers The Brussels Auto Show offers something for everyone, with several special events. You will be able to see the 7 nominated "Car(s) of the Year", but the event will also let you dream of supercars and hypercars, the world's most exotic cars such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Pagani Huayra, McLaren Senna GTR and several Bugattis.

The organisers will also present a 1.5-metre-high and 80-metre-long Car Catwalk, on which numerous magnificent cars will pass in review. At the Movie Cars stand, more than 15 movie cars will shine, including icons from The Fast and the Furious. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy various classic cars and youngtimers, discover firsts and discover new trucks and motorbikes. The Pre-owned stand displays a wide selection of used cars, from timeless classics to recently used cars and supercars. You can even find the perfect used car there.

A glance at the future

Naturally, the Brussels Auto Show also pays attention to the mobility of the future. During the Congress Charging Infrastructure '24, dozens of leading speakers will share their knowledge, experience and vision on the construction of charging facilities and the capacity of the underlying network. Electro Mobility will then focus on the innovation and technology shaping the next generation of vehicles. With inspiring guest speakers at the mobility congresses, the Brussels Auto Show shares the latest trends and ideas influencing the future of mobility.

The classic Motor Show may have been replaced, but the salon conditions remain! At LeasePlan, you will find a wide range of vehicles at interesting conditions. Check out our salon discounts here.

Published at January 15, 2024
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January 15, 2024
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