Electric van with the DNA of the London cab: meet LEVC

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Have you recently spotted a van on Belgian roads that looks a lot like the iconic London cabs? Then you have probably seen one of the first LEVCs in Belgium. LeasePlan has delivered the brand’s first electric vans to Hazgo, a logistics company based near Brussels Airport. Thanks to their range extender, the electric vans have an autonomy of 480 kilometers.
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LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) is not that well known to us, but across the Channel the brand is very popular. In fact, LEVC has been producing the iconic London cabs since 1908. The most recent model, the LEVC VN5, was given a facelift and innovative technology. The van is powered by an electric engine supplemented by a range extender.

The range extender

On pure electric power, the LEVC VN5 drives about 110 kilometers. But thanks to the range extender, the van has an autonomy of 480 kilometers, which is perfect for any job on Belgian roads. The range extender is a small engine that acts as a generator. When the capacity is exhausted, this engine ensures that the battery continues to run. The range extender does require fossil fuel, but with CO2 emissions of 19 g/km the cars are at least ten times more sustainable than most diesel or petrol engines.

LeasePlan delivers first LEVCs

The first LEVC VN5 vans were purchased by LeasePlan from car dealer Sterckx-De Smet, which also distributes other brands of the Geely group in Belgium, such as Volvo, Polestar and Lotus. On Belgian roads LEVC is a new brand, but in other countries the vans have been in use for some time. The VN5 has earned its spurs, gets its technology from Volvo, and has proven to be extremely reliable. LEVC also offers a warranty period of five years or 240,000 kilometers. Unlike many other brands, the delivery time for the LEVC is limited to three to four months.

Hazgo starts using LEVCs

LeasePlan delivered the first LEVCs to Hazgo, a logistics company near Brussels Airport. For some time, the company had been looking for a sustainable alternative to its delivery vehicles. However, the often limited autonomy of this type of vehicle is a barrier. Furthermore, the range decreases rapidly while carrying heavy loads and the network of fast chargers in our country is still somewhat limited. The solution is provided by LEVC’s VN5, which guarantees an autonomy of 480 kilometers. “Electric driving proved less obvious than expected for freight transport”, say Tom Heymans, Managing Partner of Hazgo. “But thanks to the range extender, LEVC offers the perfect combination of sustainability and efficiency. And the fact that the vans stand out with their distinctive look and unusual design is a nice bonus.”

LEVC may be a new brand on the Belgian market, but for maintenance Hazgo can rely on a wide network of experienced dealers at Sterckx-De Smet. For years, they have been a fixed partner of LeasePlan, a pioneer in the electrification of leasing. Hazgo is also working with LeasePlan for the development of their own sustainable fleet.

Are you also looking for solutions for a more sustainable fleet? Feel free to contact us. LeasePlan will be happy to help you.

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