Traveling southwards with an EV effortlessly and without worries

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This summer, two LeasePlan colleagues, Guy Van Ingelgom and Angelo Sanfilippo, travelled to southern Europe with their EVs for the first time. It sounded like an exciting adventure at first, but they both discovered how fun and comfortable it is to set off on a trip with an EV. Curious about their experiences? Then be sure to continue reading.
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**Guy: "I only made three stops. With a traditional car, I would definitely do the same."

**- Holiday destination: Valmeinier, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France


Guy set off on holiday in his electric car for the first time this summer, covering some 1,000 kilometres towards the French Alps. The only preparation he made was plotting the route through some major cities and installing the app 'A Better Routeplanner'.

According to Guy, you don't lose much time at charging stations: "The charging infrastructure along French highways is excellent; you can find a fast charger every 30 kilometers. I made only three stops along the way, stretching my legs for a while. This corresponds to what I would also do with a normal vehicle. Fast charging takes about half an hour, after which you can drive another 300 kilometers to the next stop. The journey was smooth and comfortable, without any stress."

Once he arrived in the Alps, Guy highlights an important point: "You can charge your EV anywhere, but watch out for the 'idle fee'. This is an extra fee you pay if you leave your EV at a charging station while the battery is already full. Also check and compare the prices of charging stations, as they can vary considerably. You can easily do that with an app like Shell Recharge. In total, I spent about 200 euros on charging sessions, but it could have been less if I had kept track a bit better (laughs)."

As for solidarity among EV drivers, Guy says: "EV drivers show understanding for each other and spontaneously talk to you about their charging or departure times. This is a positive development for the future, as EV drivers are so friendly and courteous to each other."

**Angelo: "The day after I returned home, I immediately took my conventional 'Holiday Car' out of my contract. From now on, I always travel electric."

**- Holiday destination: Lazise (Lake Garda), Verona, Italy


Although Angelo initially never thought he would go on holiday with his EV, he did drive to Italy's Lake Garda with his family this summer. "When I ordered my EV, I also immediately arranged for a "Holiday Car". This is a petrol car that your contract allows you to use for a maximum of 3 weeks to go on holiday. After a year of driving my Mercedes EQA, I was so used to it that I absolutely wanted to travel electric. Beforehand, I did some reading and downloaded some apps, but in the end, my own EV's GPS system was equipped with the best features to guide me safely and worry-free."

On the way to Italy, Angelo made one stop to spend the night. "To make sure I could recharge, I booked a hotel with charging infrastructure. However, this turned out to be an unnecessary additional cost, as you find numerous charging stations at every stop on the way to Italy. Every 2.5 hours I stopped to stretch my legs and in the meantime I let the car recharge for 15 minutes. There is also a lot of solidarity among EV drivers. One friendly English-speaking man even left earlier so I could recharge immediately."

Once on site, Angelo devised a convenient and practical plan: "During a morning jog, I discovered a car park with charging poles. When my EV needed charging, I placed it there in the morning so it could charge while I was jogging."

After travelling with his EV, Angelo immediately removed the conventional holiday car from his contract. "An EV offers so much comfort and travel pleasure, even for longer distances."

**Some valuable tips

**Both Guy and Angelo are totally convinced. They encourage everyone to go on holiday to the sun with their EV. To make your trip completely worry-free, they would like to give you a few more tips:

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Published at October 5, 2023
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October 5, 2023
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