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The most popular EVs at ALD Automotive | LeasePlan in 2023

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Maybe it's time for you to get a new vehicle this year. Do you already have your eye on a nice EV? Or do you not yet know what you want to drive in 2024? Then we would like to give you a hand. We list here the most leased electric vehicles at ALD Automotive | LeasePlan in 2023. That way you have a good overview and immediately know which model suits you. These were last year's toppers!
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1. Tesla Model Y: the spacious mid-size vehicle

The most leased EV at ALD Automotive | LeasePlan in 2023! And the Tesla Model Y could well become the world's most popular vehicle, according to Elon Musk. So this EV has a lot of assets. It was built on the chassis of the more compact Tesla Model 3, but inside you enjoy a sea of space. For instance, it even offers room for two extra seats in the back of the vehicle. The interior is also typical Tesla: minimalist, but with all modern and comfortable technology on board. The Tesla Model Y comes standard with front and rear seat heating, a large touchscreen, a wireless charger for two smartphones and multiple USB ports. An added bonus is also the large panoramic roof. And another typical Tesla: its wide range. The Long Range version gets you 505 kilometres according to the WLTP standard. The first Model Y versions came with a hefty price tag, but in the meantime Tesla also released a more affordable version. This makes this SUV a mid-range topper.

Take a look at the Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

2. BMW iX1: economical and practical crossover

The BMW X1 was already a popular fleet car in our country, but the electric variant is also doing extremely well. This vehicle is very recognisable as a typical BMW and received some design updates that make it look even more powerful. The interior is comfortable thanks to the BMW sports seats and looks very spacious. The vehicle drives sporty and comfortable. Thanks to its all-wheel drive, the iX1 gives you maximum grip. With this BMW you are ready for long electric journeys, it easily achieves a driving range of 400 kilometres on one charge and the navigation system takes into account the availability of nearby charging stations in real time to adjust the route if necessary. Furthermore, the iX1 makes smart use of energy while enjoying typical BMW driving pleasure. This EV is the perfect vehicle for the average family.

Discover the BMW iX1


3. Volvo XC40: compact trendy SUV

The Volvo XC40 is one of the most popular fleet vehicles on the Belgian market. This is of course due to the unapproachable image Volvo has built up in recent years. With its trendy looks, the XC40 is loved by many and, as a compact SUV, it is a much-celebrated mid-size car. The vehicle drives smoothly and its compact size makes it ideal for city driving. Yet you don't have to compromise on legroom inside, and with its various trendy body colours, everyone can find a model to suit them. Where just a few years ago the XC40 had to make do with a range of just 280 kilometres, it now smoothly reaches 500 kilometres on a single charge. Combine this with the robustness and solidity you would expect from a Volvo, and you know you are getting value for money.

Choose your Volvo XC40 here

Volcvo XC40

4. BMW i4: powerful, efficient and elegant

With the i4, BMW takes on the Tesla Model 3. This sporty sedan is equipped to perfection with modern and practical technology and achieves a driving range of 600 kilometres, which makes it ideal for those who drive long distances every day. The sporty exterior appeals to many BMW fans, thanks to its flowing lines and large, aerodynamic, alloy wheels. A large, curved screen and a minimalist cockpit offer peace of mind for the driver, while a large panoramic roof adds to the feeling of space. The i4 speeds from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4 seconds and, with its low centre of gravity, offers optimal and sporty roadholding.The i4 is powerful, efficient and elegant.

Experience the BMW i4


5. Mercedes EQB: loyal partner for large families

The Mercedes-Benz EQB is not immediately a unique or special EV, but that is precisely what makes it so suitable for the Belgian fleet market. This is clearly an everyman's friend. The EQB offers everything the Belgian driver expects from his company car: comfort, space, stable handling and sufficient range. And of course Mercedes' classic premium style remains very popular. The biggest asset of this EQB is the option to equip it with seven seats, making it extremely suitable for large families. The seats in the third row do only accommodate people up to 1m65, but for taking the children with you, this is more than enough. In the front and second row, you do enjoy plenty of space. This SUV gets you over 450 kilometres on a single charge. This car can certainly compete with the Tesla Model Y.

Discover the EQB in our showroom

Mercedes EQB

6. Volkswagen ID.4: funky, practical and suitable for everyone

Volkswagen staat erom bekend het ideale voertuig voor iedereen te zijn en dat is met deze ID.4 niet anders. Dit is een typische VW, maar dan in een moderner jasje. Van buitenaf oogt de wagen best funky met zijn strakke, aerodynamische lijnen en koetswerk in twee kleuren. Binnenin is de ID.4 vooral ruim en gezinsvriendelijk. Met een ID.4 rijd je niet voor de knalprestaties of het uiterst dynamisch rijgedrag, deze EV gaat namelijk van 0 naar 100 in 8,5 seconden. Dat is natuurlijk snel genoeg om er met het gezin op uit te trekken, maar het is duidelijk dat Volkswagen met dit voertuig de nadruk legt op functionaliteit en comfort. Met één enkele laadbeurt leg je met deze ID.4 zo’n 400 kilometer af. De Volkswagen ID.4 is dus de ideale gezinswagen, zoals een VW hoort te zijn!

Bekijk de ID.4 van dichterbij

Volkswagen id4

7. Tesla Model 3: electric luxury sedan

Tesla is known for being hugely progressive. Proprietary fast chargers, an ever-expanding driving range, strong performance and sleek minimalism: Tesla is the benchmark for EVs. This is no different with the Model 3, as driving this vehicle is an experience in itself. A luxurious yet minimalist interior gives your eyes a rest so you can focus on driving itself. Thanks to intuitive steering and powerful engines, you enjoy a very dynamic driving experience. The powerful Performance version pulls up from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds and promises a driving range of 567 kilometres. The Long Range even reaches 580 kilometres according to the WLTP standard and even the Standard Range goes smoothly over 400 kilometres. Furthermore, you enjoy progressive luxury in a Model 3. For instance, you don't have a key but a badge and you can even open and close your car with your smartphone. The Model 3 is also already equipped with hardware that supports autonomous driving. It's just waiting for Belgian legislation on this.

Get inspired by the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

8. Polestar 2: minimalist innovation on four wheels

Sweden's Polestar is hugely popular with minimalists. Pure, clean lines, angular design and a simplistically sophisticated interior make the hearts of purists beat a gear higher. The Polestar is one of a kind and with a top speed of 205 kilometres per hour, it also captures the imagination of many car enthusiasts. Furthermore, the vehicle is brimming with technology. Polestar is a juggernaut in wireless digital connectivity, there is no vehicle that uses Android Auto better than it. This vehicle is a trendsetter and its interesting performance will convince many drivers. For instance, it pulls up from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in less than 5 seconds and achieves a range of around 500 kilometres.

Be seduced by the Polestar 2

polestar 2

9. BMW iX3: een 100% elektrische SUV

The iX3 is a typical BMW, but electric. Even more so: apart from the presence of an electric motor and a battery, as a driver you will hardly realise that you are not driving the 'normal' X3. This vehicle remains a hefty SUV with typical BMW DNA: solidly built with quality materials and luxurious looks. Due to its hefty build, it may not be as aerodynamic, which means it does not use its electric motor extremely efficiently on the motorway but in mixed traffic, this iX3 is certainly a pleasure to drive. According to the WLTP standard, this iX3 achieves around 450 kilometres. Otherwise, the BMW iX3 is above all a comfortable vehicle in which you enjoy driving. Also handy: you can have your battery preheated while on the road, so it charges faster at a fast charger. It drives exactly like the other X3s and that might be one of the trump cards to persuade doubters to go electric after all.

Discover the electric BMW iX3


10. Skoda Enyaq: ruimte, comfort en stijl

The Skoda Enyaq iV is the equivalent of the Volkswagen ID.4. This electric SUV is built on the same platform but looks a bit more classic than its German brother. This is undoubtedly why you see so many Skoda models driving around on Belgian roads. The Enyaq is quite compact, but offers a huge amount of space inside. The interior is well-equipped and 60 per cent made of recycled bottles. There is also a luggage space of 585 litres available. The Skoda Enyaq has a range of around 500 kilometres and does not drive particularly nippy, but it is smooth and dynamic enough to take on our traffic. In this vehicle, you will enjoy fun outings with the whole family.

Hit the road with the Skoda Enyaq

Skoda enyaq

Clearly, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity and there has never been such a wide range of EVs to lease. Wondering which EV suits you best? Take a look at our digital showroom!

Published at January 5, 2024
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January 5, 2024
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