Leasing with option to buy

A car is a key tool for any business. Not being mobile leaves your business at a standstill, literally and metaphorically. Only, you are asking yourself: should I buy or should I lease? Which formula is best suited to drive your business forward?

Take over the car yourself: renting with purchase option

Up until today, the option to purchase the car after the expiry of the leasing contract was available only to those who took out a financial leasing contract. To cater for the demand from self-employed workers and SMEs, LeasePlan has now made this unique benefit available under all new operational leasing contracts! The new option applies to passenger cars as well as utility vehicles, for all models and all makes.

Become the vehicle owner for 16% of the purchase price

Courtesy of this new product, you are free to purchase the car at the end of your contract at an extra affordable rate. This enables you to become the owner of the car at a set price, i.e. 16% of the net purchase price, regardless of contract duration or the number of kilometres on the clock.

Another little extra: at the outset of the contract, the car is registered to the name of your business. Which avoids having to pay vehicle registration tax (VRT) twice, should you decide to take over the car.

Courtesy of Leaseplan’s ‘renting with purchase option’ formula, you get to combine all the benefits of operational leasing with the benefits of financial leasing. A particularly advantageous formula that allows you to get the maximum from your company car.

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