How to switch to electric

LeasePlan started the transition to electric cars several years ago. Find out how we approached it.

How to switch to electric

LeasePlan started the transition to electric cars several years ago. Find out how we approached it.

From ICE to EV: a smooth transition to an electric company fleet

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Tailor-made advice

LeasePlan knows that the transition to an EV fleet will have a major impact on your business. Choosing the right electric car for a particular purpose or individual driver can also be a challenge. 

We are experts in electric fleets, and we will gladly give you advice on what electric cars to choose based on the relevant purpose, driver and charging options. We will deliver the electric car and will also advise you on the charging solution that best suits your needs and your drivers' needs. We are also happy to provide recommendations on an electric car policy and the possible feasibility and impact studies for your company.

At LeasePlan, we practise what we preach. That is why we started the transition to electric vehicles a few years ago already. LeasePlan therefore has the necessary know-how and experience as well. By the end of 2021, our own fleet will be all electric.

Make a smooth transition to an electric fleet with our help

LeasePlan is convinced that every company will need to consider switching to an electric fleet sooner or later. Together with our customers, we consider which specific factors are at play and we determine how quickly the transition to a zero-emissions fleet can happen.

If you are considering switching to an electric fleet, but you feel you are facing too many obstacles, LeasePlan's team of electric vehicle experts will help you get moving.

We will make your transition to electric vehicles as smooth as possible with support for drivers, CO2-neutral solutions and the latest technology for electric vehicles.

We will actively support your transition to an electric fleet

  • Driver support includes a dedicated help desk for frequently asked questions and tips on electric vehicles
  • Charging support includes advice on the best charging solution, online insight, 24/7 automatic monitoring and frequently asked questions about charging
  • EV consultancy includes advice on how to choose an electric car, recommendations on car policy, and feasibility and impact studies on electric vehicles to help customers understand what is right for them


LeasePlan offers a comprehensive service for your electric vehicle. We help you choose the right electric vehicle for your needs and we offer financing, maintenance and insurance as well. Everything will stay as usual, but we will adapt our processes to the fact that the car is electric.

Consultancy for your electric vehicle needs

  • Advice on the right e-vehicle and delivery
  • Vehicle financing
  • Fleet management
  • Servicing
  • Insurance
  • Holiday cars
  • Charging support

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