Lease or buy?All advantages of leasing

Did you know that, for many businesses, buying, running and maintaining cars is their single biggest cost?

Let us show you all the advantages of leasing in one easy overview.

No high purchase price

Purchasing a car is expensive. Without even considering depreciation. Buying a car is not always the best investment for a company. Leasing will stop all that. And you can invest your capital without the risk of depreciation.


No need to negotiate on pricing. We do not hide anything from you. Our prices are transparent and easy to understand. Costs for maintenance and insurance are shown separately. But included within your fixed monthly fee.

Lower total costs

When leasing a car, the total costs are often lower than when buying a car. For example, you do not pay VAT on the new price of your lease car. No depreciation. And we can offer great deals on maintenance-and insurance contracts. Often more expensive when you arrange this yourself.

No admin

When managing one or more company cars, it involves an incredible amount of admin. However, when you lease a car, we will do all this for you. You'll only have one invoice to process at the end of the month. Saving time and money.

No unexpected costs

Insurance, road tax, maintenance and repairs, it's all included. When you lease, you pay a fixed monthly fee. No unexpected costs. So you can focus on spending your capital on growing your business.

Always drive the best and latest models

A car that suits you. Also important for your company's image. Like a greener car. With a lower carbon footprint and fuel consumption. And the latest gadgets. Plus you will never drive a car older than 5 years. Always enjoying the latest in car technology.

Focus on what matters

Leasing is less hassle. We take care of repairs, liaising with your garage and organising a courtesy car. So you can get on with your job. And keeping your company on the move.

The right car at the right price

whatever you are after

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