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Motorola - part of a broad partnership

In Denmark, Motorola is a part of the broad partnership that Motorola Inc. has with LeasePlan. LeasePlan covers the areas that Motorola represents, and on average have 25 cars on the road.

Windowmaster logo

Windowmaster - the green transition is in focus

The goal is clear: Before 2025, Windowmaster’s fleet must be entirely green. Both nationally and internationally, and since 2004, Windowmaster has had a close cooperation with LeasePlan.

A collaboration that suits you for the best solution

“LeasePlan came into the picture as I needed help to control our fleet, and from the beginning it has been a success.”

Klavs Thorsø Nielsen, Purchase Manager at OKNygaard

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Strong personal relations and good insurance solutions

In the last 4 years, Verisure has had a close cooperation with LeasePlan. Linda Kihlberg, Business Support & Fleet Coordinator at Verisure, highlights the personal relationship with Leaseplan's Key Account Manager and the insurance solution that has been established.

Professional cooperation, My LeasePlan and My Fleet

Carl Ras and LeasePlan have entered into a strong cooperation, and at Carl Ras they're very pleased with My LeasePlan and My Fleet

Strong operational cooperation

"Good constructive solutions have always been found for any problems that may arise, and it has made very good sense to collaborate with LeasePlan."

Carsten Fisher, CFO at AVN

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Cooperation on charging boxes, charging solutions, and the green transition

We have created a collaboration in which we are good at sparring with each other, have an open dialogue, and help each other with promoting the green transition

50 cars with full-service from LeasePlan, transition to EVs, and a good cooperation

Bring has for many years collaborated with LeasePlan, in which the focus has been on full-service solutions for their leasing cars, and a focus on transitioning into a green fleet.

100 % handling and administration

"We have a great relationship with LeasePlan Danmark. We have just extended our framework agreement with LeasePlan, and we're very pleased about that."

Bent Poulsen, Eltel Networks

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At Johannes Fog Trælast, the collaboration with LeasePlan has ensured a clear framework for their fleet of trucks, and this has resulted in resource savings, fewer wasted hours and increased safety.

The development and contracting company NCC manages all its cars online, and this provides time and resource savings as well as a better overview of the car fleet. Read how LeasePlan has made it easier for NCC to manage its car fleet.

In 2008, Kolding Municipality began a collaboration with LeasePlan on the operation of part of the municipality's car fleet. The overall responsibility for the municipality's cars is now gathered in one place, and the solution gives the municipality greater budget security and makes it possible to constantly optimize operations and cut costs.

Frederikssund Municipality has, with the help of LeasePlan, integrated operation and management of their car fleets into one unit. This gives the municipality's employees more time for the citizens, reliable cars, and it is expected at the same time that the municipality will achieve financial savings in the long term.