Daily operation

It's about getting there safely

When it comes down to it, your car is just a means of quickly getting you to something important. So it shouldn’t take a particularly long time to keep it running. A little oil and a little attention. Here are a few tips on what to look out for. We’ll take care of the rest.

Check oil and tyre pressure

Remember to check whether there is enough oil in the engine and enough coolant in the radiator, perhaps once a week. Your servicing agreement with us does not cover engine damage due to insufficient levels of oil or coolant.

It’s also a good idea to check the tyres for correct air pressure routinely. This will guarantee you optimum safety while driving and also save fuel. Your tyres will also last longer.

Fuel card

If fuel is included in your leasing agreement, you will receive a fuel card before you get the car. Using the card will get you on your way faster, and you get a discount when filling up.

Need a new card? Do you need to order a new fuel card? Please send your request via our contact form or call us at +45 3673 8310.

If you would like a card for Shell or OK with a self-selected PIN, please inform us accordingly, otherwise the card will come with a random code that cannot be changed afterwards. The PIN for Circle K, Q8 and UnoX cards can be changed at each given petrol station.

  1. Edit_LCash claim

    If you have had cash expenses in conjunction with charging your car, petrol, bridge tolls, or the like, fill out a refund form and submit with the receipts, and we will refund the money into your account.

    You are welcome to scan your receipts and send them together with your filled cash claim to ca@leaseplan.dk.

    Get the cash claim here (pdf)

Fuel card security

Take immediate action if your fuel card is lost or if you suspect that it has been compromised. Please call us at +45 3673 8310 within opening hours or +45 3673 8484 outside opening hours.

LeasePlan opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8.30-16.30. Friday 8.30-16.00.

Please be aware:

Learn to drive green

LeasePlan offers driving skills courses in collaboration with FDM at Jyllandsringen, Silkeborg and Sjællandsringen, Roskilde, Denmark. Through theory and practice, you can learn safe and environmentally responsible driving. If you wish to participate, contact the fleet manager in your company to find out more about the possibilities of taking part in an event.

Rental car for your holiday

As a LeasePlan customer, you can get discount on rental car for holiday or for other private purposes with Europcar. Call us to hear more.

Tips for car holiday abroad

There’s nothing better than heading south on holiday and nothing worse than having forgotten something important . Prepare your leased car for your driving holiday, and check first and foremost with your employer that you are permitted to drive the car outside the country.

We have collected the best tips and tricks to avoid troubled children in the backseat and for making the driving experience good fun for everyone. What should you pack for the children's drive? How to entertain the children in the car? Look or print all our good advice via the links below, so you can prepare in best way possible.

Tips and tricks for your road trip

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