Maintenance, repairs and tyres

Practical tips for taking good care of your car

A little attention goes a long way!

Discover the best way to take care of your car – from regular maintenance and repairs to seasonal tyre changes.

  1. Book tid online til værkstedsbesøgBook garage visit online

    Book your appointment online when your car needs service. Our selected garages ensure that you jump the queue and get the best terms and prices when you visit them.

    Book with My LeasePlan

    You can of course also call us regarding booking of service and repairs. Call +45 3673 8310.

Car servicing

When it’s time to have your car serviced, you can book an appointment at one of LeasePlan’s select garages. You can with advantage book time online, where you also can order a replacement car while your car is being repaired.

The garages can both pick up and deliver your car, often at no extra cost, when your car has to go in for servicing and requires a substantial amount of repair work. This can normally be ordered at a radius of up to 25 km to the individual garage.

Make an appointment for a tyre change

You can have your tyres changed at the nearest Superdæk- or Euromaster garage. Choose between tyres from Michelin, Goodyear or Bridgestone.

If your company has more than 6 cars, you can order an appointment for our mobile tyre unit to come by (charges apply). In this way you can have all your tyre changes done on your company property all at once.

Book the mobile tyre unit at Tyretrust or Euromaster

Vehicle inspection

You can have your car inspected at Applus. The inspection itself does not take long. Just provide your car’s registration number and the invoice will be sent directly to LeasePlan.

All private and commercial vehicles must undergo a roadworthiness inspection (similar to MOT) four years after the car was first registered. The car will then be called for periodic inspections every other year

Avoid paying a fine for missing MOT Please note that a no-show fee of DKK 2,000 will apply. The Danish Transport Authority will then request that you return the license plates.

If you are sent a reminder for vehicle roadworthiness testing with a deadline within 14 days after the delivery date for the leasing car, we recommend therefore that you get the car tested before you return it.

If you are unsure as to where or when you should have your car inspected, do not hesitate to contact LeasePlan's Driver Contact Center at: +45 3673 8300.

Book a time at Applus at +45 7013 1212

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  1. Tip!Tip!

    For ideal performance, check your tyre pressure every two months.

The freedom to drive even when your car is in the garage

Major repairs may take some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your plans! Depending on your contract, you might be able to get a short-term replacement car.

Call LeasePlan or your fleet manager to see if you’re entitled to a replacement car.

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