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Damage, responsibility and insurance

What are my responsibilities for the car? Here is an overview of the things that you are responsible for: It is your responsibility to bring the car in for service on a timely basis. You should check the engine oil and coolant levels at regular intervals. Your servicing agreement with LeasePlan does not cover engine damage due to insufficient oil or coolant. If your car needs to go to the garage, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the damages department at[+45 3673 8399](targetSelf:tel://004536738399 "LeasePlan damage") or send an e-mail to [forsikringdk@leaseplan.com](targetSelf:mailto:forsikringdk@leaseplan.com). If you lose your fuel card, it is your responsibility to report this to LeasePlan at [+45 3673 8310](targetSelf:tel://004536738310 "LeasePlan").Can you insure cars? Yes. LeasePlan’s own insurance company, LeasePlan Insurance, offers comprehensive insurance coverage, including liability-, comprehensive-, and driver casualty insurance, as well as GAP coverage, which protects against financial losses in the event of total loss of a vehicle. We also offer glass damage insurance. [More on this topic](targetSelf:https://www.leaseplan.com/en-dk/search-results/?query=insurance "Insurance").What do I do if my car breaks down? If your car breaks down, most brands offer free assistance, in some cases for the entire lifetime of the car. You can find the number for your car in the list below. If your car has a service subscription with Falck, you can receive free assistance by ringing [+45 3673 8484](targetSelf:tel://004536738484). CAR MAKE EMERGENCY TELEPHONE LINE Alfa Romeo [+45 8033 0620](targetSelf:tel://004580330620 "Alfa Romeo") /[+45 8623 1722](targetSelf:tel://004586231722 "Alfa Romeo") Audi [+45 8020 3060](targetSelf:tel://004580203060 "Audi") BMW[+45 8030 4045](targetSelf:tel://004580304045 "BMW") Citroën [+45 7010 1092](targetSelf:tel://004570101092 "Citroën") Fiat [+45 8033 0620](targetSelf:tel://004580330620 "Fiat") / [+45 8623 1722](targetSelf:tel://004586231722 "Fiat") Ford [+45 8030 8520](targetSelf:tel://004580308520 "Ford") Hyundai Ring local authorised garage Mercedes-Benz [+45 3378 5555](targetSelf:tel://004533785555 "Mercedes-Benz") Mitsubishi [+45 3332 7000](targetSelf:tel://004533327000 "Mitsubishi") Nissan 00800 1264 7726 Opel [+45 8030 3003](targetSelf:tel://004580303003 "Opel") Peugeot [+45 8621 3483](targetSelf:tel://004586213483 "Peugeot") Renault Ring local authorised garage Saab [+45 8030 3099](targetSelf:tel://004580303099 "Saab") per service manual Seat [+45 7020 1858](targetSelf:tel://004570201858 "Seat") Skoda [+45 7020 7078](targetSelf:tel://004570207078 "Skoda") Toyota [+45 8060 6668](targetSelf:tel://004580606668 "Toyota") Volvo [+45 7942 4247](targetSelf:tel://004579424247 "Volvo") VW passenger cars: [+45 8020 3050](targetSelf:tel://004580203050 "VW passenger cars") Commercial vehicles: [+45 8020 3080](targetSelf:tel://004580203080 "VW vans")What do I do if my car has been damaged? If your car has been damaged, start by immediately reporting the damage by calling the Damages department at[+45 3673 8399](targetSelf:tel://004536738399 "Damages department"). LeasePlan answers calls between 8:00 AM–4:00 PM. After 4:00 PM, the call will be answered by Falck. You can also e-mail us at [forsikringdk@leaseplan.com](targetSelf:mailto:forsikringdk@leaseplan.com)What do I do if someone has broken into my car? If your car is broken into, do as follows: 1. Report the break-in of the car to the police. 2. Contact LeasePlan’s Damages department at [+45 3673 8399](targetSelf:tel://004536738399 "Damages department"). 3. Report the break-in to your own insurance company, if you have had any personal property stolen that might be covered by your personal/homeowner’s insurance. 4. If you have had tools, a computer, or other items belonging to your company stolen, the break-in must be reported to the fleet manager/insurance manager.What do I do whilst my car is in the garage? At Europcar, you can rent a car if the garage is not able to make a replacement car available. The same applies if you need an extra vehicle for a short period of time.


How do I book service? Book service online through this [link](targetSelf:https://www.leaseplan.dk/page/booking "Garage booking")What do I do when my car needs an inspection? You need to get your car serviced at Applus. You have to inform them the car's registration number, and the invoice will be sent directly to LeasePlan.  Call us at [+45 3673 8310](targetSelf:tel://004536738310 "LeasePlan customer service")

Driving and maintenance

How often should I wash my car? Here are 5 good tips for better (and less expensive) car washes: 1. Forget the most expensive wash. Choose a cheaper option with undercarriage wash. 2. Avoid the wax, the layer is so thin that it serves no purpose. 3. Spend time on water and brushes. In the edges and trim of doors and tailboard. 4. Check tyre pressure and windscreen washer fluid at the same time. 5. Wash the car more often in the winter to remove salt and debris.How do I maintain my car? You should check regularly to make sure there is enough oil in the engine and enough water in the radiator. It’s a good idea to routinely check the tyres for correct air pressure. This will guarantee you optimum safety while driving, and also save fuel. Your tyres will also last longer. Also, remember to wash your car regularly in the winter to remove salt and debris.What do I do when my car lease expires and needs to be returned? For business lease: [Return your business lease car | LeasePlan Denmark](targetSelf:https://www.leaseplan.com/en-dk/my-lease-car/vehiclereturn/return-your-business-lease-car/ "Business lease car return") For private lease: [Return your private leasing car | LeasePlan Denmark](targetSelf:https://www.leaseplan.com/en-dk/my-lease-car/vehiclereturn/return-your-private-lease-car/ "Private lease return")Where can I get my tyres changed? You can have your tyres changed at Superdæk or Euromaster. LeasePlan has a nationwide business agreement with both. Book online with Euromaster or SuperdækWho pays my speeding tickets? Speeding tickets are initially sent to LeasePlan. We then send them on to the car’s registered user, who is also the one who must pay the fine. You should also note that if you are letting another person use your car, and they get a speeding ticket, you are still the one responsible for paying the fine.What do I do if I have paid for an expense on my own? If you have had cash expenses in conjunction with charging, petrol, bridge tolls, or the like, fill out a refund form and submit with the original receipts to us. We will then refund the money into your account. You can scan your receipts, and send them with your filled refund slip to [ca@leaseplan.dk ](targetSelf:mailto:ca@leaseplan.dk )

Fuel cards (only applicable for business lease)

What should I do if I lose or misplace my fuel card? You must notify us immediately if you lose your fuel card. We will block the card as soon as we hear from you. Until that point, your company will remain liable for any unauthorised use. Contact LeasePlan by telephone [+45 3673 8310](targetSelf:tel://004536738310 "LeasePlan customer service"). If you lose your fuel card outside LeasePlan’s business hours, please contact the customer service department of the petrol station at the 24-hour telephone numbers. Shell [+45 7012 6500](targetSelf:tel://004570126500 "Shell") Circle K [+45 7010 1101](targetSelf:tel://004570101101 "Circle K") Q8 [+45 7012 8888](targetSelf:tel://004570128888 "Q8") Uno-X [+45 7010 1234](targetSelf:tel://004570101234 "Uno-X") OK[+45 8932 2530](targetSelf:tel://004589322530 "OK")How do I change the PIN for my fuel card(s)? Changing the PIN on your Fuel card is easy. See how here: **Shell** Requires card replacement. [lp@leaseplan.dk](targetSelf:mailto:lp@leaseplan.dk). **Circle K** Can be changed at petrol station. **Q8** Can be changed at petrol station or by calling [+45 7033 8888](targetSelf:tel://004570338888 "Q8"). **Uno-X** Contact Uno-X at [+45 7024 1234](targetSelf:tel://004570241234 "Uno-X"). **OK** Can be changed at LeasePlan. [lp@leaseplan.dk](targetSelf:mailto:lp@leaseplan.dk).How do I use my fuel card? Every time you refuel, you plug in the current mileage status together with the PIN. If you are refueling a replacement vehicle, you write "99" in current mileage status.  We recommend that you keep your fuel card in a safe space, fx. your wallet, and that you do not leave it in the car.  Fuel card(s) from former LeasePlan cars, can not be used on your current car. 

General questions

How do I get started with My LeasePlan? Only applicable for business lease: To get started with My LeasePlan, contact our customer service for registration. This can be done via email: [lp@leaseplan.dk](targetSelf:mailto:lp@leaseplan.dk) or call [+45 3673 8310](targetSelf:tel://004536738310 "LeasePlan customer service").Can you produce reports on the fleet, such as environmental reports? Yes. LeasePlan’s My Fleet means you will always have the information you want about your fleet. This includes, for example, GreenPlan reports that show the CO₂ emissions of your fleet.Does LeasePlan offer driving skills courses? Yes. LeasePlan offers driving skills courses in collaboration with FDM. Through theory and hands-on teaching, the company’s employees will learn about eco-driving and injury prevention strategies. Call us at [+45 3673 8300](targetSelf:tel://004536738300 "LeasePlan") to learn moreWhat about configuration and decoration or commercial vehicles and trucks? LeasePlan offers everything when it comes to the configuration and furnishing of commercial vehicles and truks. We also provide decoration and car wraps. If you would like to know more, contact LeasePlan’s vehicle advisers at [+45 3673 8300](targetSelf:tel://004536738300 "LeasePlan").What do I do if I want to buy my car? You have the option of purchasing your car after the end of the leasing period. Contact us for more information at [+45 8873 8500](targetSelf:tel://004588738500) or send us a mail to [bilpriser@leaseplan.com](targetSelf:mailto:bilpriser@leaseplan.com). If you are unsure as to whether your company’s vehicle policy allows purchase of your used leased car, you should check your vehicle policy or contact your company’s vehicle manager.

Driving abroad

What do I do if my car breaks down when I am abroad? If your car has comprehensive insurance, SOS will assist you abroad if you become ill, have problems with the car, or have a traffic accident. The red insurance card has a telephone number for SOS: [+45 7010 5052](targetSelf:tel://004570105052 "SOS"). You do not need to have the card with you. We recommend downloading the SOS app to your smartphone. The app includes, among other things, a GPS function, which enables SOS to find your geographical location in case of a breakdown abroad.Where can I use my fuel cards? You have many possibilities to use your fuel cards for petrol, disel and electricity abroad.  Following is an overview: **Circle K** Fuel: Eni/Agip, BP, OMV og Aral **Q8** Fuel: OK, Q8 (Sweden) Power: Yes **OK** Fuel: Preem (Sweden) **Uno X** Fuel: Preem (Sweden), Norway **Shell** Fuel: Shell, Shell Express, Q8, F24 Power: YesWhat do I need to remember when driving abroad? There are five things you need to remember before and during a drive out of the country. 1. Always check with your employer first whether the car can be driven out of the country, and whether it is permitted to take the company car on holiday. 2. Make sure that you have the legally required safety equipment with you, such as a Reflective jacket, Warning triangle, First aid kit, or powder-based fire extinguisher. 3. Check whether winter tyres are legally required for snow. 4. Keep the telephone number for SOS [+45 7010 5052](targetSelf:tel://004570105052 "SOS") (if you have Comprehensive insurance). 5. If the car is more than 2-3 weeks old, be sure to bring part 1 of the registration certificate, which is kept by your fleet manager. Note that it must be the original and not a copy.Red & Green cards for driving abroad? **Green card** In by far the most countries, you no longer need to bring along the Green Card. The Green Card is proof that you have liability insurance on your car, but nowadays it is enough to just have a license plate on the car, when you are driving within the EU, including the EEA countries Norway, Croatia, Switzerland, Iceland and Andorra. **Exceptions**: You must bring the Green card along to the countries below: Albania\* Bosnia and Herzegovina Macedonia Belarus Iran Israel Morocco Moldova Serbia Montenegro Russia Turkey Ukraine \*Be aware that the Kosovo part of Albania does not accept the Green Card. Here, you will need to take out liability insurance at the border. From July 1st. 2020, it is possible that your insurance company might send you the Green Card digitally so you can print it yourself. You always have to bring a physical copy, as it is not allowed to be shown on a mobile phone or tablet.  Find out more about the green card here **Red card** The red card is just the SOS telephone number: [+45 7010 5052](targetSelf:tel://004570105052 "SOS "), which provides assistance if you have comprehensive coverage. We recommend downloading the SOS app to your smartphone. The app includes, among other things, a GPS function, which enables SOS to find your geographical location in case of a breakdown abroad.  Find more information [here.](targetSelf:https://www.sos.eu/da/til-dig/roedt-kort/ "SOS Red card")
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