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Strong operational cooperation

For almost 10 years, the AVN Group and LeasePlan has had a close cooperation. A cooperation that both the AVN Group and LeasePlan are proud of.

Full operational leasing

Full operational leasing

The AVN Group's companies are specialists in sheet metal working machines, hydraulics, automation, hand tools, cutting tools, electric and compressed air tools, assembly solutions, grinding materials and rivets.

AVN has entered into a cooperation with LeasePlan on full operational leasing. It is a collaboration regarding the administration and insurance of the entire fleet. AVN has 71 vehicles, and this covers both vans and passenger cars.

AVN has started to get more electric vehicles in their fleet, which is accelerating the green transition that the AVN Group wants to contribute to.

“We entered into a cooperation with LeasePlan due to the good prices on their cars, and from the beginning, they have made us feel comfortable with them. The cooperation with the Key Account Manager has been very successful from the beginning, and we have since developed a close and tight relationship with each other. If we’re in need of answers on any topic, we can always contact LeasePlan, and they’re ready to help. LeasePlan are outstanding at operational leasing” says CFO Carsten Fisher, who is responsible for the AVN Group’s total fleet.

"We’ve always found good and constructive solutions to the problems that may have been, and it has therefore made good sense to cooperate with LeasePlan. The personal and human relation with the Key Account Manager has been a big part of the success."

Carsten FisherCFO at the AVN Group

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