Focus on the green transition

Since 2004, Windowmaster has had a close cooperation with LeasePlan. Chief Financial Officer and Fleet Administrator, Steen Overgaard Sørensen, talks about the cooperation, and why it’s important to create the transition to a green fleet.

The goal is clear: Before 2025, Windowmaster’s fleet must be entirely green. Both nationally and internationally. There’s no hesitation with Steen Overgaard Sørensen. Windowmaster wants to have a strong focus on the environment.

“We’re very aware of the footprint we leave in the environment. That’s why cars must be highly prioritized.”

Steen Overgaard SørensenWindowmaster
Focus on the green transition

Focus on the green transition

When it comes to electric vehicles, LeasePlan has had a special role in Windowmaster’s transition to a green fleet.

“We wanted to cooperate with a supplier that can provide us with service on our fleet, that covers both yellow- and white plate cars, and at the same time have a focus on electric vehicles, green values, and the green transition. Here LeasePlan has been the right partner.”

Windowmaster’s fleet contains of both crafters and private vehicles.