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Part of a broad partnership

Motorola has for many years had a global partnership with LeasePlan that covers several countries in Europe, in which Motorola has employees. In Denmark, the partnership has been maintained by HR Lead Nordics at Motorola, Rikke Smedegaard for 6 years.

Part of a broad partnersip

“In Denmark we’re a part of the broad partnership that Motorola Inc. has with LeasePlan. LeasePlan covers the areas we represent, and on average we have 25 cars on the roads. It’s a combination of both working cars that are used by our technicians and salesmen when they’re on the road, but also so-called benefit cars, cars for employees that have a right to owe one” says Rikke.

“The collaboration works well, and it’s mainly due to the good and close relationship we have with LeasePlan’s Key Account Manager.”

Rikke Smedegaard, HR Lead NordicsMotorola
About Motorola

About Motorola

Motorola designs, creates and brings meaningful innovations to people around the world. For many years, Motorola has helped to create new communication and security systems, e.g. on the successful Apollo missions. At Motorola, they strive to give people better access to intuitive mobile products and services that help make everyday life easier for everyone.