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    Please contact us at +45 3673 8300 or use our contact form if you need a car quickly, for a shorter period or if your lease contract is ending. We can see what’s the best option for you, for example extending your current contract.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a business lease car for personal use? In most cases, yes, but it's important to check with your leasing company and company and review the terms of lease agreement to ensure that personal use is allowed.  How do I choose the right business lease car? When selecting a business lease car, consider factors such as type of vehicle needed, the lease term and monthly payment that fits your budget, and any customization options that are important to you. It may also be helpful to look at other leasing options, such as private leasing or used car leasing.  What happens at the end of a business lease term? At the end of the lease term, the company can typically choose to return the car and lease a new vehicle, purchase the leased car at its residual value, or extends the lease term. 

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