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How do you charge your vehicle – both home and abroad?

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Do you know, how you charge your EV - both home and abroad? We have made a scheme in which you can see, how you charge with different charging providers. Most important of all: there are ample possibilities to charge - both home and abroad.
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Updated on 22nd of February 2024

You’re about to go on a long drive in your electric vehicle, maybe even abroad, but do you know where you can charge your electric vehicle? Luckily, there are more than 285,000 charging points in Europe, and more are constantly coming. Your most important tool for when driving far, is one of the following apps:

The apps contain global and searchable maps on public charging points for electric vehicles. Charging points appear in the app, so you’re safe whilst on the road. To make sure that you get a good start to your drive, we’d like to give you an overview of your charging options with different charging providers and petrol stations.

Petrol stations

Petrol stations have become a strong provider of charging points. Besides that there are more charging points being established in Denmark on petrol stations (Q8, Shell, Circle K, OK and Uno X), some of these offer EV charging whilst you are abroad.

Q8 and Shell Recharge are among the biggest petrol stations that offer EV charging abroad, and more are constantly coming.

With the above-mentioned charging options, you can easily and safely go on a drive in Denmark and abroad in your electric vehicle.

Driving in the Nordics

If you are going to drive abroad, and especially in the Nordics, the Elton app is a good tool for the trip if the fuel cards are not enough, as Elton roams across many companies.

You can therefore download the app, create a user and add a payment card. (layout app. LeasePlan cannot handle settlement directly.)

Elton - Charging app for EV owners

Customer at Spirii

If you’re a customer at Spirii through LeasePlan, you get easy access to a European roaming network through their Spirii Go app , in which you’ll find a large number of charging options in both Denmark and the rest of Europe. You can read more about charging via Spirii’s website here. Outlay is not necessary with Spirii through LeasePlan.

Customer at OK

As a customer at OK (Charging at OK) (in Danish) you have access to charging points located nationwide in Denmark. OK continuously works on expanding their charging network, and new locations are added quickly. It’s of great advantage to combine with a roaming piece from Spirii, then you’re covered internationally as well.

Customer at Clever

As a Clever customer you have to use Clever's network as your primary charging option, as it is to be found nationwide. And why is that? Because you pay for a flat rate solution - the more you use it, the more you get for your money.

If you're not near one of Clever's charging stations, you can use one of Clever's seven charging partners in order to charge your EV, through Clever's app.

Please note:

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International: As a Clever customer you can also roam and charge your EV abroad. With Clever's app you can find charging points at other charging operators and subsequently commence charging through the Clever app. The solution is available in the following six countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Austria and The Netherlands.

See a short list of Clever's partners below:

Tesla’s charging network is now available to everyone

Until recently, you could only charge at a Tesla charger, if you had a car from Tesla. But now the time has come, to which you have the possibility to charge your car at a Tesla charger, even if you have a different car brand. As Tesla has the most super chargers in Denmark, this is a big plus for electric vehicle users. You can also use Tesla’s charging network in Europe.

All you have to do in order to get ready, is to download Tesla’s app, in which you add a credit card, and you can then see your outlays by using their charging network.

With the above-mentioned charging options, you can easily and safely go on a drive in Denmark and abroad in your electric vehicle.

Find charging station or make routes via app

There are many apps that help you find charging stations across all charging operators. Use the app below that also offer to create routes for you.

Published at September 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022
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