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My LeasePlan - app and web portal for drivers

My LeasePlan - app and web portal for drivers

My LeasePlan is all your car care needs right at your fingertips.

My LeasePlan will help you manage all your car care and maintenance anytime, anywhere - My LeasePlan is always open. You can access it all both via your browser and our app, just do what suits you best.

Use My LeasePlan for:

And more to come.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of My LeasePlan? Please contact your Fleet Manager or send us a message.

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“…with My LeasePlan they get answers to almost all questions, including fuel, damage reports etc. It makes sense to use My LeasePlan as it is easy and manageable.”

Jesper Nør JensenCarl Ras

Book garage visit online

Book your appointment online when your car needs service or has a major repair. Our selected garages ensure that you jump the queue and get the best terms and prices when you visit them.

You can also book garage visit via the LeasePlan app. Don't have it yet? Follow the link below and learn more. Enjoy.

Service and maintenance

It is important, that you make it to all service visits, to ensure that your car is always in proper condition. This will also ensure you that LeasePlan’s maintenance guarantees are upheld. Fortunately, it’s not difficult. Online booking and a pick-up/drop-off service get you quickly on your way.

Damage and insurance

If your car has a dent or damaged glass, let one of our authorized garages handle it. Start by reporting the damage by calling our Damages department at +45 3673 8399. We complete the damage report for you and take care of all the practical matters to make the process as simple as it can be for you. If you prefer to complete the damage report on your own, you can e-mail it to us at Please remember to save the document before you send it.

If damages involving another party occur, remember to obtain the relevant information on the opposite party to be used in completing the Damage report.

The opposite party’s complete name and telephone number, along with the registration number of their vehicle.

Returning your car

Saying goodbye to a car can be difficult, even if it’s leased. That’s why, at LeasePlan, we have done everything we can to make it easier.

Order a fuel card

Order a fuel card

If you want to order a fuel card, please contact our Driver Contact Center at +45 3673 8310 or use My LeasePlan.

With My LeasePlan you have access to everything you need to know about your leasing car. Here you can take care of all the practical matters and find information about your car.

If you are not on My LeasePlan yet, you can contact our Driver Contact Center and get access.


  1. stackedCoins

    What is the tax and what will be the lease payment? Two of the most common questions when an employee has to decide if the next car should be a company car.

    Get more info about your taxation by using the calculator at Skat af fri bil (firmabil) (in Danish)

Your next leased car

You might already know what car you’re going to get. Perhaps the same as last time? Or perhaps you’d like to take the opportunity to swing by our Showroom and see the latest rollout.


Business leasing

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