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Collaboration on charging solutions, charging boxes, and the green transition

The Danish company OK has great ambitions on becoming one of the largest providers of charging stations to electric vehicles. Besides delivering service, fuel and electricity of high quality, OK is proud supporter of local sports activities, is involved in a range of CSR initiatives, and has the environment and the green transition as an important cause. The green transition is an important case for LeasePlan as well. Read more about the collaboration between OK and LeasePlan, by Bettina Olsen.

Collaboration between OK and LeasePlan and focus on the green transition

We’re helping to set up things like business fuel cards for LeasePlan’s customers, and we’re also working together to come up with the right charging solutions and charging boxes for company car users – for both business and private use.

We’ve built up a working relationship that involves us acting as good sparring partners, maintaining an open dialogue and helping each other promote the green transition. The green transition is actually something that LeasePlan have experience of, and in many ways they’re the front runner of the leasing world. Thanks to feedback from LeasePlan, we’ve had it confirmed that we’re taking the right approach to the green transition.

Our collaboration has given us a lot of value and greater understanding of what customers want, plus we’ve been able to modify our products to better suit them. Working with the different sections of the company has given us a lot of value, and the knowledge sharing has been exceptional.

We’re really excited about working with LeasePlan. The open dialogue, the good understanding of the market and the fact that LeasePlan are way ahead already in the green transition. There is willingness on both sides to have a healthy working relationship and collaborate across our teams.

"The webinars with Martin Birk have really been instructive. The information he provided has been broad, not too technical, which has helped make it pretty simple to understand. Birk speaks to everyone and presents the content in a human way – which is incredibly illuminating for all of us. Driving an electric vehicle isn’t anywhere near as bad as many people think."

Bettina OlsenOK

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