Administration of your fleet in one place

Easy administration of your fleet in one place

Insurance, fleet administration, online tools and charge-and fuel cards. You choose yourself, and we're ready to help you!



With fleet administration through LeasePlan, you get the best team to help you reduce your costs and ensure a more efficient fleet operation.



Competitive coverage of your and your fleet - all the way.

online fleet management

Online tools

With LeasePlan's online tools, you can easily get an overview of your fleet's data - including fuel, economy, CO₂, etc.

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Charging operators and fuel cards

With the right charging agreement and fuel card you reduce your fleet's fuel economy and ensure optimal fleet management

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Did you know? That your company's fleet is most likely in the top 3 for non-production costs? That most people don't know that TCO includes not only the financing of cars, but also maintenance and depreciation?

With our more than 50 years of experience, we can help optimize your costs and ultimately your fleet. By adapting and updating your fleet policy in line with your long-term fleet strategy, we find out what's next for you.


Did you know that we are part of the global initiative EV100? We've teamed up with a number of forward-thinking companies, all committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

Let us guide you to lower your fleet's emissions:

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