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Who is LeasePlan?

LeasePlan is the world's leading leasing company, with more than 1,8 million vehicles in more than 29 countries. We administer the full life cycle of our cars, and we handle everything from purchase to service and maintenance of former leasing cars.

With over 55 years of experience, we are a trusted partner for both large and small businesses, and private customers.


What does LeasePlan do?

LeasePlan is a specialist when it comes to financing and managing car fleets. Personal cars, LCVs, and trucks. We take care of everything from insurance to cleaning, developing a car policy, and "drive smart" courses for employees. The cool part? We do it all over the world!

We believe that a good business is build on long term relationships. Regardless of how many vehicles you need, want, or aim to have, we are ready to offer you the best service.


LeasePlan Danmark

LeasePlan Corporation was founded in 1963, in The Netherlands, by Anton Goudsmit.

In 1992, we opened our office in Denmark, and with this, we also introduced the term 'Fleet Management'. The new part about this was, that as a customer, you didn't have to take care of all the service and maintenance, administer fuel card, coordinate replacement vehicles etc. Fleet Management became a great success, and LeasePlan grew.

LeasePlan is amongst the world's leading leasing companies. LeasePlan Danmark is a daughter company of LeasePlan that represents a list of long term investors, and amongst others, includes the Dutch pension fund PGGM and Denmark's largest pension fund ATP.

LeasePlan Danmark has its office on Midtager in Brøndby.

Our mission: innovative and sustainable mobility


    On a global level, LeasePlan is working towards a greener and more sustainable future within the Car-as-a-Service industry. Our sector is evolving from ownership to usership. From car sharing to car pooling, we are constantly looking for new and convenient ways to get from A to B.


    Ultimately, LeasePlan wants to promote affordable and low-emission vehicles and mobility based on subscriptions for private and business purposes. Our goal is to achieve net zero emissions in the automotive sector by 2030 by striving for a greener and healthier future.

    Smart solutions

    Technology is transforming the definition of driving. Our goal is to increase efficiency, improve safety and develop promising new services.


Business lease

Would you like a diverse fleet with many different cars? Check our showroom to get inspired

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Private car leasing

Are you a private customer and would you like to lease a car? Read more about private car leasing and check our showroom

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Are you looking for a van? Let LeasePlan help you find the one that covers your needs and demands

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Digital solutions

Whether you are the fleet administrator or driver, our online universe gives you an overview

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Electric vehicles

LeasePlan offers the latest new electric vehicles. Join the green revolution 

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International fleet management

LeasePlan helps you to stay mobile -  globally

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