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400 cars, 100% handling and administration, and an extended agreement

Eltel Networks delivers professional solutions within power and communications networks. With roughly 500 technicians on the roads in Denmark, a solid fleet of cars is needed. Bent Poulsen talks about the collaboration with LeasePlan, as the two companies have entered into a collaboration on 100% handling and administration of cars.

What is your status with LeasePlan?

“We have a really good relationship with LeasePlan Danmark. We have just extended our framework agreement with LeasePlan, and we’re very happy about that. In connection with the latest presentation for the tender round, we had a good and honest dialogue and made a reasonable agreement about the framework for an extension of the current cooperation agreement. To everybody’s satisfaction. With LeasePlan, we receive good service, and the quality is high through the entire business. That’s why I wanted to extend the collaboration agreement with LeasePlan.

“It requires a large setup to administer and handle 400 cars. LeasePlan fully lives up to our demands on effectiveness and good results. We have entered into a cooperation on 100% administration of cars, and it has from day one been a pleasure.”

“We’re pleased that LeasePlan complies with many of the same values that we have at Eltel. We’re happy to see that there are many similarities in the companies’ vision. Amongst others, to bring down the CO₂ level, and help secure the green transition.”

How long have you been a customer at LeasePlan?

“We’ve been a customer at LeasePlan for more than 10 years. Back in the days, we had 7 different suppliers of leasing services, but with time, we’ve negotiated a really good framework agreement with LeasePlan. In that regard, LeasePlan has become the sole supplier on our leasing agreement, and it gives us a unique experience. Our relationship with LeasePlan is unique, and we’re happy that they are sole supplier of the total leasing engagement.”

What makes LeasePlan special?

“LeasePlan is special because the entire customer journey is of high quality. They’re nationwide, deliver good service, and their backup system has made things easier for our drivers. They're price competitive, and you get a lot for your money. Customer service and the technical department works impeccably, and car consulting is at a high level. It’s everything from handling fuel cards to tyre service etc. The consultants are very competent, and they complement each other well. The smooth and professional handling of damages, that often are handled over the phone, negotiation and sparring with the sales team regarding the insurance solution and active prevention, works really well. It’s a pleasure to have the insurance package through LeasePlan.”

High quality, competitive prices, and good benchmark prices, and transparency with everything that goes on.

Bent PoulsenEltel Network

Is there anything you want to highlight?

“The relationship we have with LeasePlan, is really good. One would think that it’s just a customer-supplier relationship, but more correctly, it’s a collaboration or alliance that pulls in the same direction. We are partners, and with the extended framework agreement, we’re happy that we can extend our collaboration. It’s always possible to talk about things, and there are no loose ends.”