50 cars with full service from LeasePlan, transition to electric vehicles, and good collaboration

At Bring, they make the every day life easier and smaller. With 13,000 employees in the Nordic region, they work day and night to bring out your packages fast and safely in the most environmentally friendly way. Bring has through many years collaborated with LeasePlan, where a focus has been on full service, and the green transition. With 50 cars through LeasePLan, the future is green for Bring. Christian Bennebjerg explains.

Long collaboration with LeasePlan

Our collaboration goes back many years, but I myself have been working with LeasePlan for 5 years now. That’s how long I’ve been a fleet manager for Bring. LeasePlan are helping to make my job easier because LeasePlan take care of all the administration for our vehicles. Both the administrative side and the insurance solution, thanks to the excellent insurance package we’ve got. We have 50 vehicles through LeasePlan and eventually we’d like to have a fleet of electric vehicles. That’s the future for us.

"We have 50 vehicles through LeasePlan and eventually we’d like to have a fleet of electric vehicles. That’s the future for us."

Christian BennebjergBring

Service in top

Their service is top notch. LeasePlan always help us quickly, and their employees take the time to answer our questions. We’ve got good partners through LeasePlan, who are always helpful and want to work with us. I’m thinking in particular of the Key Account Manager, and the personal relationship we’ve built up. We feel at ease and are always treated well.

If there aren’t any cars available, then we can get rental cars through Europcar and LeasePlan will take care of that too. All the invoicing is done through LeasePlan, and as I said, this makes my job as a fleet manager easier.

"It’s great to be part of this journey towards electrification. It’s exciting and it feels like we’re first movers on that journey. The whole transition to electric vehicles and the electric world has been a pleasure, and LeasePlan have managed to make it a enjoyable experience. We’re looking forward to knowledge sharing with LeasePlan to ensure the electric transition is done the right way."

Christian BennebjergBring

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