Car review – BMW 745e

Autocrat in limo land

As long as the new Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid is not available, the 745e still has the realm of electrified limousines to itself.


Midlife crisis

When the BMW 7 Series was given a much discussed nose job, its hybrid powertrain was also completely reworked. The 2.0 four cylinder was exchanged for a much more potent three-litre six-in-line, which in combination with the electric motor produces a beefy 394 hp and 600 Nm.

With the new engine combination, it takes 5.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h. The drive battery contains 12 kWh, which is not very much for a car in this league, but according to BMW it enables an e-range of 55 kilometres.


Range and efficiency

During our test, we achieved around 40 kilometres, which isn't bad but doesn’t meet the expectations. Fortunately, the drive train is very refined: the discrete six-cylinder and the electric motor interact hand in glove. When the petrol engine is pushed a bit harder in the sport mode, it sounds very nice, which is something we couldn't say about the four-cylinder in the 740e..

BMW claims a fuel consumption of 2.1 l/100 km. Unless you can recharge every 50 kilometres and barely wake up the six-cylinder, you won't equal this number. Tax wise the 745e is very interesting as far as its CO2 emission doesn't exceed 50 grams. So keep that in mind when configuring the car. The fuel tank is rather small at 46 litres and forces you to make regular refuelling stops..


Sumptuous cocoon

The quietness on board is remarkable and the rear legroom is generous even in the "short" version. Of course, the materials used and the workmanship are top quality, the driving comfort is exemplarily soft and the comfort seats in the front and rear are excellent. It almost rivals the Mercedes S-Class.

The 745e can be equipped with every possible assistance system and comfort option, including the impressively efficient laser light headlights. The new BMW digital dashboard looks less refined than its predecessor and leaves little room for personalisation, though.

Ambitious price tag

The 745e carries a heavy price tag: it costs at least €105,800. Fortunately, this pill is sweetened by a high fiscal deductibility. Still, the BMW 745e will soon be given a run for its money the brand new Mercedes S-Class with plug-in hybrid drive and a (much) larger battery is about to pop out the pipeline.

As long as you keep CO2 emissions under 50 g/km, the 745e is an interesting offer for the tax- and eco-conscious ceo. Comfort is excellent and the driver doesn't have to compromise on driving pleasure either.

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    + Tax benefits

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    + Fuel efficiency

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    + Refinement and comfort

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    -Small fuel tank -Front design