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As the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus is legendary for delivering quality and dependability in a beautiful package. Optimally engineered for high performance and loaded with luxuries like soft leather seats and wood inlays, you can feel the quality of the craftsmanship when you drive a Lexus.

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Lexus — the relentless pursuit of perfection

After a challenge by the chairman of the company in 1983, two dozen teams of Toyota engineers, designers, and technicians assembled to create the world’s best car. A handful headed off to California and rented a beach house, where they could note the tastes and lifestyles of the upper-class customer. The ultimate result was the Lexus LS 400, a rear-wheel drive car with a 4.0-litre V8 engine. It debuted in 1989, setting a new standard for luxury cars around the world. Since then, Lexus has continued to innovate, delight, and astonish, with a full range of premium models, as well as the world’s first luxury hybrid, the RX 400h, in 2005.


What is included in my lease agreement? - Repairs, maintenance, and tyre replacement in case of normal wear and tear - Damage repairs - Window repairs - Registration taxes and road taxes - Civil liability, risk retention (damage risks assumed by customer), legal assistance, and driver’s insurance - The deductible depends on the model you selected - The number of kilometres within the mileage selected mileage package. - European roadside assistance including a replacement vehicle for five days in case of full immobilisation on the road (technical breakdown or accident). - Replacement vehicle in case of repairs and restorations taking more than 24 hours - Our assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Your car’s financing - Years of driving enjoyment What is a best deal? Our best deals are on lease cars where the options have already been selected. That means that the options package for each popular model guarantees the best price and shortest delivery time. We choose the most popular options and order these best deals in large quantities, so you can take advantage of the discounts. If you're putting a car package together yourself, you can choose whatever options you want, so you can create the car of your dreams online.What is the maximum distance that I can drive? Each car has a limit for how far and how long it can be driven. The maximum duration for our contracts is always 5 years (60 months). The maximum distance may vary by car but can never exceed 200,000 kilometres over the full duration of the contract. With this in mind, we are always happy to discuss the possibilities with you.What isn't covered by my lease contract? Traffic fines and fuel. You can order a national or European fuel card as part of your lease contract with us.How can I get in touch? You can call us, or leave us a message and we will contact you. Take a look at your options on our [contact page](targetSelf:/sitecore/service/notfound.aspx?item=web%3a%7b3F865E9D-2A10-4355-B9AB-6860FC319DB3%7d%40en).

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