The acquisition of LeasePlan by ALD is now official!

We are happy to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of LeasePlan by ALD Automotive. By joining forces, we will have the combined talents and investment power to create the leading global sustainable mobility provider.

Tim Albertsen, Chief Executive Officer of ALD Automotive | LeasePlan, commented: “The combined strengths of ALD Automotive and LeasePlan will allow us to transform our industry and be best positioned to deliver even better services.”

Now ALD Automotive and LeasePlan will begin the process of integrating into one company. Providing you with the best quality service remains our top priority.

As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions or vehicle related requests including, roadside assistance, maintenance, repairs, tyre changes and more, please get in touch via the usual contact channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to book a service, maintenance, tyre change or damage repair? The process for vehicle service, maintenance and repairs remains the same. [All the info can be found in MyLeasePlan.](targetSelf: I’m in the process of ordering a new vehicle. Who should I order with? For new vehicle orders, you can order with us (LeasePlan). Your contract remains with LeasePlan/ALD and we are happy to help you with the ordering process.  Will the merger impact my current contract? Your contract will remain the same and the merger will not impact your contract.My contract is coming to an end soon, which company will handle this? We (LeasePlan) will handle everything related to your end of contract and vehicle return. Has my contract been transferred to the new company? Your contract remains with LeasePlan with no change in the service conditions. LeasePlan and ALD Automotive have not yet integrated the two businesses and continue to operate separately.  I have my insurance with LeasePlan, will this change? There will be no changes to your insurance contract.Will my fuel card/energy card provider change? Your fuel card/energy card provider will remain the same. I’m in the process of renewing my contract. Who will my new contract be with? Your new contract will be with LeasePlan. LeasePlan and ALD Automotive have not yet integrated the two businesses together.

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